Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love Sandra Boynton. Her books are wonderful little gems - we went through three copies of Barnyard Dance before the boys finally tired of it. I was lucky enough to find a Mom's Calendar book on clearance last year, and I've been doling out some of the illustrations for cards. Mostly I like to just leaf through the book and giggle to myself.

Supplies: Illustration by Sandra Boynton;
paper from K & Co; acetate sheet & googly eyes;
confetti from Amscan, microbeads from Michaels;
envelope stamped with Inkadinkado stamp & Fiesta Kaleidacolor ink
I've said it before, but shaker cards are really hard to capture. Nearly all the fun is in the motion. This baby's got balloons, happy faces, and wee little hearts.

I finished up all 6 (!) of the St. Patrick's Day cards that I made for Pink Cat Studio, and I'm so excited to share them with you on release day...I really enjoyed making them, and I think they turned out pretty well. Oh, that little leprechaun is adorable...

The boys had excellent report cards - both of them improved in several areas, Riley in particular in some areas of concern, so that's fantastic. It still kills me that the teachers are unable to mention autism anywhere on the report card - so many things have to be mentioned, and are obviously autism-related, but heaven forbid we document the problem we all know exists. Sheesh. I mean, seriously, they are graded on SPEAKING, but you can't mention the autism-related speech impediment or language issues. Bah!

My stomach is still killing me. It's about a full month now of this with the new diabetes medication, and the increased dose last week has just made it that much worse. It's very hard to eat frequently when eating makes you feel worse - and not eating spikes my sugar, so it doesn't work either. Everything I've read says that the side effects should abate after several weeks at a consistent dose, and I suppose I haven't actually had that yet. So, week after next, dang it, here I come. Oh, yeah, right, that's when I go back to the doctor...and probably change the dose again. *sigh* Well, that's a downer. Go back and look at the happy monsters, and skip to the end -


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