Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Jolly & Fun-Filled Christmas!

Supplies: papers & snowman from My Mind's Eye;
snowflakes made using Martha Stewart punch & glittered;
sentiment rub-on by KaiserCraft

See, I told you I just don't say "Merry Christmas"!
The kids got a grand surprise this week - a package from Germany, with spyglasses and a letter with instructions from the BND (the German intelligence agency) to look out for Decepticon activity in our area! They have both been concentrating on watching out on our walks home from school - and they are LOVING it. Ah, Tom, he knows the way to these little boys' hearts.
Our other excitements....Connor has lost 2 teeth this week, one of which has been a real pain. The new tooth had grown out of the gum in front of the baby tooth, so the pressure wasn't pushing it out, and it was nearly impossible to get a hold of to pull it. Finally, after easily 3 months of real trying, it came out Saturday. Once that was out, Connor put his efforts into wiggling the other loose tooth he had, and only a few days later out it popped.
Apparently I should have said Connor's other excitements, because really, all the news seems to be his - he had a consult from the IWK regarding assistive technology, and, long story short, we have some really amazing options to run with, and he should begin training in January. Yes! Six months to become proficient before heading off to middle school - I think we can do it :)

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Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

What a cutie card, Jessi!

Have a moxie fab holiday! :)