Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank Goodness for Helmets!

This morning on the ride to school, Connor flipped over his handlebars. He slammed the brakes on at the last second, and the whole bike went over. Luckily, because he was wearing a helmet, the only injuries are to his knee, elbow, and scraped palms. I already knew helmets were life-savers, but I could definitely have done without seeing one in action. I was only about 15 feet behind him, and it was horrifying to watch. What a trooper, though - both kids carry first aid kits in their bookbags, so we hunkered down & took care of the bloody bits right then, and then carried on to school.

It's time to run & pick them up now, so here's a card & I've got to run - and get my helmet on!

Supplies: Robot card, border strips from Bella Blvd;
orange & white polka dots paper from Imaginisce; googly eyes from the dollar store;
Happy Birthday sentiment from The Cat's Pajamas, stamped in Palette Noir

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow, that was short!

Supplies: Paper by MAMBI; wedding cake sticker from Wiltons;
quilling paper from Lake City; quilled circle painted with iridescent fabric paint, Tulip.
So, where did autumn go? We had a few promising days of crisp scented air...and now suddenly we're back to the humid days of nearly 30 degrees! It's just not right.
Besides weather whining, I got nothin'! It's a pretty quiet week around here so far - knock on wood - maybe everyone is settling into the routine of a new school year after all.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fingers crossed...

...but whatever I've been trying seems to be helping the cold stay mild. Knock on wood, toes & fingers crossed, etc, and so on. Today's supposed to be the last nice day this week - the entire forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain. Rob ordered rain coats for those of us who are biking every day, but they won't arrive until late this week at the very earliest. And, tomorrow is picture day - here's hoping the boys manage to stay clean & dry until their turn comes around! I hate getting the photo proofs back with big smudges of lunch on their faces (or spilled down their shirts...)
Supplies: papers Basic Grey "Capella;"
rhinestone swirls & brad  from dollar store;
rub-on from KaiserCraft; plain flowers from dollar store;
Colorbox chalk ink & copper embossing powder
Another hard-to-capture card - if I weren't so keen on shiny, sparkly stuff a) my house would be cleaner - it shines, but not in the "right" way! and b) maybe my cards would be easier to get an image of. The flowers here were great fun to play with - they began life as plain Jane cream-coloured flowers in 3 shapes and sizes. I smooshed them all over with brown ink, then sprinkled them with copper embossing powder. Each flower took 4 applications to get coverage I was happy with - the powder has to be heated, and if you don't hold it steady, bye-bye flower. This made for uneven layers of the metallic finish, but trust me, it looks very cool in real life. (I bet that gets said a lot on the Internets, lol).
Happy Monday! (don't say THAT one a lot!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rob gave me his cold

In the wonder that is microbiology, would it be too much to ask that the cold HE caught would be the same as the cold the kids & I already had a few weeks ago? Sigh. So, round two for colds this month. Hopefully this one is as mild as the first.

Supplies: papers from Basic Grey "Urban Prairie" (12" and 6")
brads also from Basic Grey; stamps from Inkadinkado;
sidewalk hand-drawn, coloured with markers & watercolour pencils.
Granny's glasses also have dimensional gloss for shine

Supplies: all papers from Basic Grey "Marrakech"
Stamps from Inkadinkado; stamped with Palette Noir Ink;
sidewalk hand-drawn, coloured with markers & watercolour pencils.
Sassy girl's sunglasses have dimensional glaze as well.
Back to the kleenex box -
xoxo (cough, sniffle)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Saturday!

It was a topsy-turvy week for the kids, so we're having a lazy time of it. Connor & Rob are watching a Star Wars marathon & making (truly gross) strawberry-banana ice cream. Riley is making Rescue Heroes adventures in the kitchen. I am going to play on the computer for a little & then head off for a lovely lazy nap - I could start out watching Star Wars but every time I try to watch it I fall asleep anyway. I may as well go to a more comfortable place & wake up refreshed instead of cramped!
Supplies: Tulips stamp by PSX;
all papers Basic Grey; ribbon: Offray;
sentiment by Studio G stamped with Colorbox chalk ink
The tulips were stamped out multiple times, and then I paper-pieced them by cutting everything out & gluing it onto the original image. Several segments of the leaves & blooms are cut out and popped up with foam tape to make it dimensional. I really love how this turned out :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Give Thanks!

A fun trip to the museum with Riley's class this morning - I've never been to the Cumberland County Museum before, and it was definitely worth going. Perhaps next time we have visitors we should take them there! It was a rather rushed tour of only about 45 minutes or so, but to be honest, it seemed a little long for some of the kids. I'm pretty sure the one thing Riley won't forget is the tiny tale of the "Great Amherst Mystery." They have a little spooky scene set up with writing on the wall saying "You are mine to kill." I'm sure that's going to come up at bedtime tonight, and probably for a great many nights to come. For a boy who enjoyed the Haunted House at Upper Clements Park so much, Riley has suddenly become very timid about anything hinting of spookiness. Halloween will be rough this year!

Supplies: papers from Basic Grey "Scarlett's Letter";
Various leaf stamps from Hero Arts;
Ink used: Versamark, Distress Ink, Colorbox Chalk;
gold tinsel embossing powder from Stampendous;
ribbon: Offray; tag hand-cut; sentiment stamp ("give thanks") by Stampin' Up!
But, before Halloween, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And autumn is in the air - Connor wore pants today for the first time since June. Even I have been wearing socks around the house - and this morning there was a lovely crisp chill in the air. Hard to imagine that only three weeks ago it was 40 degrees...and I don't miss it one bit!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, I messed up. I read my appointment time at the diabetes clinic wrong, (as in, 1 pm, instead of the correct 11 am) and volunteered to go on a field trip with Riley's class. I called to reschedule the appointment, and not only can I not get one shortly, I CAN'T EVEN BOOK IT! The appointment schedule is so booked up, I can't even make an appointment until mid-October. How can you run an office that way? The poor receptionist told me that I should try calling mid-October, and that they'd be able to tell me then when I could book. Not that I can make the appointment then, but that they can tell me when they'll be taking bookings. Like it's a freaking cruise, not a doctor's office. I can't wait for them to suggest I'm being noncompliant with my appointments when apparently it's harder to get into than, I don't know? Fort Knox? Ridiculous.

{rant over. Thank you.}

Supplies: All papers Basic Grey, "Origins"
rub-on pears from Royal Langnickel; sentiment handwritten
Corny, but I love this card anyway.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Moxie Fab Offset Scallop Gallop {whew}!

As I mentioned before, I love Moxie Fab World. It is one of the first blogs I read every day, and the challenges are perfect - mostly inspiration challenges, which by their very nature are open-ended. It's always up to you what you create from your inspiration - as in, which aspect inspires you. There's always lots of eye candy and ideas to go with, and you can tell they put a lot of work into the blog. And, let's face it, prizes don't hurt either!

Anyhow, for this challenge, the awesomely named Offset Scallop Gallop, I was a bit stumped. I don't have any edge punches (although I covet them) or any edging dies (although I also, even more so, covet these). I have a corner rounder, and I've done scallops with that, so I thought, hey, Bob's my uncle, I'm good to go. Now what to do with the challenge?

Supplies: Blue shimmer floral paper from K&Co;
glitter papers from a miscellaneous package;
fish stamp by Inkadinkado, stamped onto Basic Grey Gypsy paper,
then painted with yellow sparkle fabric paint;
Dollar store "dew drops", googly eye
It came to me in the shower. It's also impossible to photograph or scan well. I swear, this is the clearest I could get it. I blame the sparkle. I must say, it didn't turn out quite like I had hoped it would, but I still like it. Sparkle makes me happy! It might be a while before my hand regains feeling after punching each one of those scallops, though.
I don't know how, but it seems like I have more time when the kids are at home. How does that work?? It's an inservice day today - yesterday Connor had a substitute teacher & aide, tomorrow will be only a little off with an assembly, and then Thursday all school staff will be substitutes for an unofficial inservice. After how horribly Connor reacted after school yesterday, I think Thursday everyone will be staying at home. It's a weird thing when you anticipate Friday will be the only normal day of the week.

So far no cardmaking this week - I am working on a present for someone & so have been focused on getting that finished. Also, I sold out of crafty kits on Saturday - gift bags filled with blank cards, bookmarks, and a journal, and then lots of patterned paper, glitter, ribbon, stamped images to colour in, etc. So far they have been very popular - and I anticipate making lots more leading up to Christmas. The boys and I went to Dollarama to kill some time (and let the house be quiet - Rob is working graveyard shift this week) and pick up more supplies for the crafty kits.

Supplies: papers from Basic Grey "Gypsy";
pig & balloons stamp from The Greeting Farm
clouds cut freehand, sky cut with Spellbinders Labels
So, this cheerful little piggy is coloured in with Stampin' Up! watercolour pencils, then blended with Dove blending solution. After s/he dried, I covered that little pig belly with Fun Flock (betcha didn't see that coming) and the balloons with dimensional glaze to make them shiny. The balloons are actually coloured twice, cut out, and popped up on foam tape to make them stand out. I think of this card as a birthday card, but the "when pigs fly" saying might make it a good congratulations card for someone never know :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You are special to me!

Supplies: K&Co paper, "Citronella"; plain cardstock;
mermaid sticker from PSX; Hero Arts sentiment; rhinestone flourish from dollar store
Sakura Stardust glitter pen & Martha Stewart fine crystal glitter on the mermaid's tail
We had a grand time at the Fall Fair yesterday - the market was fairly well attended, though not as well as in years past. Still, a more successful day than I have had all summer, so I am not about to look a gift horse in the mouth! We watched the parade afterwards, and the boys made out like bandits on candy - they were the only kids sitting in that particular stretch of 50 feet or so, and most adults just don't dive for parade candy. I had a Ziploc bag in my purse, and they filled that & then some with what they collected - insane!

Supplies: Stamps from several Inkadinkado sets; ink "Faded Jeans" distress ink (Ranger);
background made by inking Cuttlebug embossing folder & then embossing
Then we headed off to the swan pond for feeding the ducks. I don't imagine there are too many weeks left before they head south, and I know all of us are going to miss feeding them. By this time of year, they tend to be pretty tame, and probably about a dozen were confident enough to eat right from Connor's hand. Riley is too timid to let them get that close - after all, they do scratch a little when they grab at your fingers. Even though duck season (not THAT way!) is coming to an end, winter's arrival means chickadee season! I almost enjoy that more, because the chickadees will land right on your hand to feed, and the sensation of holding a tiny bird is unlike anything else I've ever experienced.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rain, rain, GO AWAY!

This will be the third week in a row for bad weather on Saturday...of course, rain is definitely a step down from a hurricane, but until winter, wet weather keeps people away from the market. The forecast calls for the rain to end tonight, and oh, do I hope it's right. An extra reason to hope for clear skies is that this weekend is actually the Sackville Fall Fair, and of course part of that is parades, a race, and lots of other outdoor activities. Hard to imagine a lot of people trekking out to go on carnival rides in the rain, and I know we won't stick around for the parade if it's pouring.

On a lighter and less whiny note, last night Connor was working on homework while I was cooking supper. He was having trouble focusing, and I said, "Why can't you concentrate?" His hilarious answer? "The smell of sausages is controlling my brain."

Supplies: Riley the Moose stamp, papers from Basic Grey "Wisteria"
Fun Flock from Stampendous, Stampin' Up watercolour pencils & Dove blender solution
So, since I have had plenty of coffee & tea today, although not a single cupcake...I thought this would be a good card to sum up the first cool chilly day of the fall - we even closed up all the windows and even the back door, which I don't think has been shut since we went away in August! Riley's all fuzzy, too, because today is a cozy-fuzzy-sweatpants kind of day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auntie Sarah rocks!

...but then, she knows that already! This morning, about 15 minutes before we had to leave for school, the mailman arrived with a parcel from Auntie Sarah. Does anyone care that we need those 15 minutes to finish getting ready? Nope, me included. We had to bust that sucker open pronto....and what do we find, but BUBBLE WRAP!!! And does it matter to the kids that there are other things in the box? Nope. It was all I could do to tear it away from them in time to bike to school - I'm not even sure if Connor brushed his teeth, and as it was we skidded up after more than half the lines were inside already. Totally worth it, though, to see such excited faces first thing in the morning.

On a side note, my legs are killing me! We biked across town all summer, and yeah, it hurt, but in a productive kind of way, you know? Like, my legs were acknowledging that those muscles needed to get back in shape. Biking with the kids to school is just killing me, though. It's maybe a quarter of the distance, and by the time I get back home I'm nearly in tears from how much my legs hurt. That can't be right. I think it might be connected to an increase in the amount of Crestor I'm taking, so hopefully on the 24th I can figure that out at my next appointment. Seriously, I know I am plump, but this is ridiculous. My asthma has been kicking my butt also - so I'm a wheezy pained lump on a bike. I don't even need a bell - pedestrians can hear me gasping for breath a block behind them!

Alright, cards. I scanned a whole bunch yesterday, but was trying to multitask and have a phone conversation at the same time, so ended up having to delete a whole bunch for fuzziness. You can "enhance" all you want, but it is not going to turn a blur into a card.
Supplies: All patterned papers from Basic Grey "Sugar Rush"
Stamps from The Cat's Pajamas, Martha Stewart markers to colour;
sentiment flag cut freehand
Supplies: All papers & buttons from Basic Grey;
Stamps from the Cat's Pajamas (LOVE these penguins!!!)
Fun flock on the penguin bellies from Stampendous.
I'm not particularly pleased with how the second scan turned out - there's a bit of a glare - but I added the Cat's Pajamas blinkie last week & I wanted to get some cards with their images up. Some construction details: on the first card, I paper-pieced the cakes by stamping a second time on different papers, then cutting them out & adhering over the main image. The cake stands were coloured, and then I used matching markers to shade with dots. That was definitely fun & I love how it turned out. On the second card, the buttons are all stitched on with embroidery floss, the penguins' bellies are all furry with Fun Flock (wouldn't you like to pet a penguin's belly? I wonder if they'd like it?), and I used some watercolour paint to put a little grass underneath them. Because, you know, there's lots of grass in Antarctica. {d'oh} Oh well, we have to suspend some disbelief for the party hats to fit on their little heads, I guess grass is OK.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CPS #184 - My first sketch challenge card!

Challenges can really be a good kick in the bum to get creating - this week seems to be working better creatively than the last few. Probably because things are turning out badly in several other areas....crafting really does relax me. Thank goodness for that! At any rate, here is the link to Card Positioning Systems (CPS) blog: CPS Sketch #184, and here is my take on it:
Supplies: papers from Basic Grey's Green at Heart
Rub-on from Kaisercraft; coppery flower design is a die-cut from K&Co

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moxie Fab's All Wrapped Up Challenge

Here it is, my first challenge-entry blog. I am so excited :) Even before blogging I followed the Moxie Fab World challenges, and would click through Mr. Linky to see what kind of great things Cath, the editor, had inspired people to make. I am really hoping to participate in the full week of holiday craft challenges & get a bit of a head start on Christmas creating. Here is the link to the contest post: Moxie Fab World All Wrapped Up Challenge in case you are interested in getting to work too - and look around, there is loads of good stuff on that blog!!
Anyhow, here is what I've got: mini pizza boxes, made with the easy-peasy Splitcoaststampers tutorial linked there. I made some of these last year, and I still really love the idea, so back out it came for the challenge. Bear in mind I am not a photographer!
Supplies: miscellaneous cardstock & ribbon; images all from My Mind's Eye

With so many people involved with the kids, it gets hard to know what to give everyone (and expensive) so gift cards are an easy way to go. Problem is, giving a gift card looks so insubstantial. Here, with the box, you can tuck in an ornament (which I'm going to show tomorrow, since gifts are the next Holiday challenge...) or even some chocolates, and there's a handy-dandy little envelope for your gift card inside the lid.

Supplies: same as above, plus plain white card stock (for gift card envelope)
 and a small bit of tissue to cushion the gift.  
The gift card really does tuck all the way into the envelope, but when I did that my photo stunk. See, not a photographer! I made a few of these with the card attached to the front of the box itself - hard to capture in a photograph, but anyway, here goes: 
Supplies: as above, plus the white card stock is embossed with a Cuttlebug folder
Then tie it shut with a ribbon (and even slide on a few jingle bells from the dollar store), and ta-dah! 
Now to get working on some of those ornaments to photograph tomorrow...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time to scan some more cards!

Well, it appears that I've run through all the cards I'd originally scanned to put up on the blog. I guess I've got to get busy later today! I'm also hoping to make a few cards for several different online contests - free stuff is hardly ever a bad thing, and possibly winning free stuff for doing something I love is, well, awesome. Best laid plans aside, the cold that's been threatening all week started to kick my butt last night, and this morning I'm still feeling pretty breathless, so perhaps tea & a book are all that's in today's future. I'm reading a crazy book called "The Waterproof Bible" by Andrew Kaufman, and I can't even begin to explain what it's about - and I'm close to finished. I am really enjoying it, though, even with its craziness. I definitely plan to see if I can find this author's previous book.
Supplies: birdie paper & sticker, patterned circles from DCWV
crocheted-by-me red flower; button & sentiment stamp Basic Grey

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby girls!

Supplies: Papers, banner, brads & button from Basic Grey "Olivia"
'Precious' rub-on, Daisy D's; crocheted-by-me flower & leaf
One of the regular vendors at the Farmer's Market is expecting a baby girl any day now, and while I was preparing a giftie for her new little one I broke into my brand-new package of Olivia papers & went nuts making more baby girl stuff. I have a much easier time making girlie stuff - even when I start out making a boy card, especially a baby boy card, it gets pretty feminine before long.

Supplies: Papers, element stickers, button from Basic Grey "Olivia"
crocheted-by-me flower; hands & feet flatback buttons from Dress it Up
Tomorrow is an extended day at the Farmer's Market, from 9 to 1:30 for outside vendors on Bridge Street, in support of Local Food Day. The regular indoor vendors will observe the usual market hours, 9-12. Originally this was scheduled for last weekend, and included a corn boil and extra musical acts. The corn boil has been cancelled, but I believe the live music is still on - a variety of performers plus our own R.A. Here's the link to the "official" calendar of events: Local Food Day.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Blogger was apparently not happy for the last couple of days - it wouldn't even let me sign in. Not very polite to complain about free service, though, so that's all I'll say about that.
The kids are having a rough week. Ugh. So, it's off to the school early this afternoon to see if we can iron out a few of these wrinkles. It doesn't seem to matter how well-prepared everything seems to be - there is always something nobody thought of!
Add to that not sleeping well, coming down with some sort of throat/chest bug, and another flat tire on my stupid bike (and now second inner tube for that wheel...), and Rob is working the back shift, and all I can do is hang on by my toenails for next week, which will no doubt be much better. Don't argue with me about that.
Supplies: papers, Basic Grey, Indian Summer
"thank you" stamp - hero arts, stamped in Vintage Photo distress ink
Thank you rub-on - Making Memories
Fairy: Cecily Mary Barker journal pages, cut out & layered

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still figuring this out...

Supplies: papers from MME; fun flock from Stampendous;
peach rub-on, buttons, velvet ribbon all from stash

I've added some blinkies to the sidebar - I'm still trying to figure out html code (heck, I feel lucky I've figured out where to copy & paste it!) so hopefully I'll get it organized a bit better. I'm also playing with adding labels to posts with the eventual goal of making it possible to search for cards by occasion. Almost time to get supper going - imagine, everyone gets hungry right about the same time every day! The boys had another successful day at school today - I thought we were going to be late, but we scooted into the schoolyard at the last minute. Connor doesn't seem to believe me that yes, we really do have to go, so GET READY ALREADY, and poor Riley worries so badly that we'll be late...I end up consoling Riley that it's OK, we have time (which then backfires since Connor of course is listening and slows down again....). All that was compounded today by discovering that my rear tire was flat. I took a minute to try and pump it, but they were both freaking out by this point, so I just rode there on it. Honestly, riding on a flat tire is a special kind of experience - it doesn't matter how hard you pedal, it just does not want to go. I guess that with the holiday, this week's Monday was saved for this morning! I imagine it will take a few weeks for us to iron out all the kinks in the morning routine & get used to getting out the door. I wonder if they make coffee-cup holders for bikes...
Supplies: papers from MAMBI; button from Basic Grey;
collage elements (blue pansy, leaf frond, tickets, 'follow your heart') from K & Co;
'happy birthday' (studio G), stamped with Broken China distress ink, gone over with Sakura Stardust pen

Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Cards...

Supplies: Basic Grey "Oliver" paper;
rub-on sentiment (a baby boy is love) by Daisy D's;
hands & feet flatback buttons from Dress it Up!;
collage stickers from stash

Just a couple of baby cards to share today - today's been spent refereeing over a broken Transformer that the tooth fairy brought in the night...unfortunately broken by the brother it didn't belong to, and also unfortunately, actually truly broken. Quite the way to wake up - and then continue to deal with. Argh!
Supplies: all papers from stash, all buttons from Basic Grey.
Giraffe image (vellum) from HOTP. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lucky us!

We survived the hurricane - we were prepared within an inch of our lives, but for our area, Earl was a bust of a storm. I don't think winds even hit the predicted 100 km/hr for gusts - and it lasted less than an hour. I know not everyone was so lucky, even just here in the Maritimes, so I'm very thankful and glad that we were prepared. A beautiful side bonus is that the storm cleared off the last bit of oppressive heat & humidity - yesterday morning at 5:30 am, pre-storm, it was 31 Celsius. That is insane for this area. Today is a balmy, gorgeous late summer day - 18 C - the kind we're used to!
Unfortunately, the storm washed out plans for a lot of things over the Labour Day weekend, including the combination Local Food Day/Welcome Mount Allison Students corn boil. The corn boil is cancelled, but Local Food day will take place next weekend, September 11, in concert with the regular Saturday Farmer's Market, for an extended time - from 9am to 1:30 pm. Only the outdoor vendors will be able to stay until 1:30 - the indoor vendors will be leaving at 12, the usual time. If the weather is good, I may be set up outside - we'll have to see!
Supplies: Basic Grey "Basics" - kraft paper, brads
Cheesecloth (perfect fishing net!), lighthouse & sentiment stickers from stash
Fish buttons from Dress It Up

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And it's hotter today...and Earl's on his way....

Last day before school starts - and judging by the arguing going on around here, it isn't coming one minute too soon! It doesn't help that with the humidity it was up to 39 degrees Celsius yesterday, and supposed to be even hotter today. It's only 10:30 and already 34...ugh. This afternoon we're on our way to school to bring in the boatload of school supplies, gym clothes, desk organizers, etc. and to get their desks & coat hooks figured out. Hopefully we'll also be able to meet the new learning centre teachers (there are two, what will be Connor's 5th and 6th LC teachers). I only just found out Tuesday that the former LC teacher has moved on to be vice-principal at another school, which is unfortunate. She was fabulous - not that the new ones won't be, but it's always hard to start over again with a new teacher.
Connor is a little nervous to start the year, I think. He is quite unsure about having a classroom helper rather than his own helper - a move to prepare him for not having 1:1 aide assistance. We'll see how well it goes. Riley, on the other hand, is excited to have a classroom helper. He's been talking about wanting to be 'normal' and has made a big effort this summer to stop doing some of the things that look strange, like biting his hand. I guess this is just one more step in that direction, and as long as he's ready, I'm all for it.

Supplies: Papers from My Mind's Eye
cupcake & cat stamp, Fun Flock, from Stampendous
sentiment from Pink Cat Studio

Two cards today, using the same set - little Chickie here has Fun Flock on her body so she's fuzzy to the touch (I love this stuff, and use it on everything that could possibly be fuzzy). I've also added Liquid Applique to the whipped cream in the cup & on her head. When you heat it, this fluffs up & becomes bubbly. Then I used glossy accents on the cherry, straw, and the glass itself. The kitty has Fun Flock as well, and the Liquid Applique for frosting, with a sprinkling of micro-beads for sprinkles. The sentiment is a digital stamp, printed out & then cut into a banner shape, which I folded to make it sort of 'popped' - the sentiment is adhered to the image panel, which is popped up on foam tape, and then the tails of the banner are glued to the card front itself. Also, the sentiment is traced over with my very favourite pen in the world, the clear glitter Sakura Stardust.

Supplies: Papers from K & Co
build-a-sundae, chick, and Fun Flock from Stampendous!
rub-on from Pebbles ('happy birthday')

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Groovy Girl

Supplies: Papers from Basic Grey, "Lime Rickey"
Girl: CC Designs, Flowers: K & Co
Brads & letter stickers: Basic Grey
One of my very favourite recent cards - the 60's haven't ever really gone away, have they? One thing this scanner seems to capture is shine & shadow - I like that you can see the shine of her sunglasses. They are coated with a touch of glaze to give shine & dimension. The flowers are all popped up on foam tape & topped with matching-coloured rhinestones. And, my chickie-girl here is dressed by stamping her multiple times onto scraps of patterned paper, and then cutting out & gluing the clothes onto the main image.

Well, you have to start somewhere...

Supplies: paper-Basic Grey "Max & Whiskers"
ribbon: Offray, rub-on: 'merci' Making Memories
quilling paper: 1/8" and 1/4" from Lake City Craft Co.
It's miserably hot & humid here today, which delayed my getting around to finally doing this. 38 degrees Celsius is just wrong, especially when last week it was starting to be nice & cool in the morning & evening. Today was my first go-round with the new scanner, which I've discovered is easier to use than the old one, but takes less flattering images of my cards. The editing software isn't all that helpful either, at least not for someone as computer-impaired as I am, so I may just have to learn how to use the camera after all. We'll see how much the 'inferior' scans bother me - after all, I think I'm too busy comparing them to what I see on the professional crafty blogs, and I KNOW I'm not investing in a photo tent anytime soon. (I am prepared to eat those words, however).
And, edited to add, I managed to crash the computer 3 times trying to post yesterday - we'll see how often I manage to post if I don't figure out what I'm doing soon! If you got this far, the card above is for you - "Merci" for stopping by!