Friday, July 8, 2011

Ew, gross!

That's what Connor said when he saw he kissing his dad yesterday - full horror, covering his eyes & recoiling at the disgusting sight. So I kissed him again.Tee hee ;) If you can't torture your kids, I mean, really, what fun are they anyway? So here's some gross lovey-dovey stuff:
Supplies: Papers from Basic Grey "Capella;"
Lacey scallop & standard circle Nesties;
lace/pearl trim from stash;
'happily ever after' stamp from Inkadinkado;
Vintage Photo distress ink;
Wedding couple stickers from Wilton

Supplies: Papers from Echo Park "For the Record;"
outline sticker (Congratulations) from Outlines;
Wedding cake sticker from Martha Stewart;
Wedding rings & pearls from $store;
black cardstock scrap; lacey & standard circle Nesties;
scalloped mat crocheted by me :)
On a totally unrelated note, I put a pot of eggs on to boil before sitting down to blog surf, and 45 minutes later I just remembered them. One broke open, and the egg is nowhere to be seen. What the heck? I boiled it so long that it evaporated? There's a reason I'm not a good cook - total lack of interest in paying attention to the process :)

Have a great weekend!


Emily Keaton said...

Had to laugh at your egg story, Jessi!! Keep those coming. :D

Connor is 12, right? My 12YO has the {exact} same reaction when hubby and I kiss, too. So we do the same thing--do it again, just to watch her squirm!!!! We're all about the torture here, too. :)

My 8YO?? He's totally cool with it. He loves to kiss, be kissed, and is totally OK with seeing kissing. It will be interesting to see if that changes as he gets to be older!

Great "mushy" cards, Jessi!!

Meg said...

Ha, I could totally see myself ending up with an evaporated egg. Which is why I just don't cook. :)

Lovely lovey-dovey cards. I like the vintage feel of both of them!

Anonymous said...

lol... cute story!!!

Fabby lovely cards.

lisa a.

Jocelyn Olson said...

Tee hee! Funny stories about your son and your egg. Fun wedding cards--I love the pp and colors you used!

Emily Leiphart said...

An evaporated egg? I believe it! LOL When one of my friend's graduated from high school and went off to university on her own, she put a box (yes, the ENTIRE box as is) of Kraft Dinner in the microwave and needless to say it exploded and she had to get a new microwave. THEN she put her whites on one side of the washing machine drum and darks on the other, thinking they wouldn't mix. :D

Emily Leiphart said...

Oops, totally forgot to comment on your cards after sharing those funny stories. They're gorgeous! Loved the kissing story, too. ;)