Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Many Thanks!}

September 1st...just 5 days until school starts. {shudder} If I thought summer brought fun behaviour challenges with the change of routines, apparently anxiety over a new school + preteen hormones = never before seen levels of obnoxiousness. Wow. Hopefully a visit to the school today or tomorrow will allay some of his fears (and behaviours...) and we'll all survive the next couple weeks relatively intact. 

Times like this, with added stressors, I find it very soothing to sing along to music & do extra-fiddly cards. Currently the music is running to country (Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans) and Pink. Extra-fiddly is running towards embroidery:

Supplies: paper, brad, & border sticker from Basic Grey "Olivia;"
sentiment sticker from SRM;
felt flower & leaves from Daisy D's

I have no idea what I did with the camera exactly, but I think I got some decent close-up shots to show the detail of the stitching. I used a piercing tool to poke holes in the paper's design, and then added the stitching. Lots of french knots. For the border sticker, I used a 'powder applicator' that neutralizes the adhesive, then pierced & stitched, and adhered it to the card with foam tape.

Well, in the time to type up this blog post, Connor has gathered up all his favourite toys, yelled at us about half  a dozen times, brought the toys downstairs, and then left the house. I *think* he might have just run away. And it's only 8.30 a.m.



Joan B said...

what a gorgeous card. all those details are beautiful. sorry for the home drama!!

Anonymous said...

Fab stitching it's just amazing on your card! Whoever recieves this card is going to be very lucky, it's just beautiful!

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Wow - what a beautiful card! So much beautiful stuff going on!!!

Love the stitching!!

Emily Keaton said...

A child running away before 8:30 a.m.? A parent's dream, right?? No, I do hope you were able to straighten all of that out. Wishing you luck in the behaviors area, too!

Beautiful card--LOVE all of the french knots!! I admire your patience with fiddly cards. The attention to detail really pays off!!

Theresa said...

Hi Jessi - your card is fabulous!! Love the stitching. I love doing cross stiching, but it's so time consuming. Fabulously done my friend.

Locavore Family said...

Eeeks...sounds like a rough day, but you have a beautiful card to show for it - maybe I'll nab it at the market tomorrow to thank the in-laws for watching Honey Bear while we were in NYC.

Hope you're having a better day.

lisa arana said...

lovely card and all the fabulous little details!!!

walchowDesign said...

Gorgeous card with lots of great stitching and love the colour choice, Jessi! Good luck with the school! Over here we are into the 3rd week of school already!