Monday, December 5, 2011

Some more Christmas quilling

Supplies: Papers from Prima "North Country;"
standard circle Nesties; white pearls; quilled poinsettia by me (two layers)

Supplies: papers from Bo Bunny (sentiment printed on the paper);
green pearls; snowflake quilled by me (one layer)

Supplies: papers from Basic Grey "Nordic Holiday;"
standard circle Nesties; green pearls;
sentiment from AmyR (CCDesigns); Bundled Sage distress ink;
poinsettia quilled by me (two layers)

Supplies: papers from Best Creations;
white pearls; Pirate Gold EP;
sentiment from Inkadinkado;
snowflake quilled by me (one layer)

Supplies: Paper from Basic Grey "Nordic Holiday;"
red and white pearls;
poinsettias quilled by me (centre is two layers, the 'end' ones are one layer each)
At the moment I'm under quite a bit of stress with a big school meeting for Connor. I haven't mentioned much about it because I'm finding it very frustrating. I asked for a meeting in September, and was told we should wait until each of his teachers had a chance to get to know him. Well, he's not doing very well. A few weeks ago he was crying so hard that the teachers didn't want to put him on the bus to come home. He is completely without an aide, and the accommodations they've put in place aren't sufficient. His report card was awful in most subjects, and his ability to cope emotionally is fading fast. Usually we notice that he regresses in what he watches on TV, and he's gone back to Sesame Street. He's almost 13, and he shaves, for heaven's sake. The chances of getting an aide are very slim, and I expect that the teachers at the meeting will want me to accept an adapted curriculum, which he doesn't need. What he needs is assistance! But of course, there's no money for that. I really hate fighting for every single thing my kids need. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be from the school's point of view, to continually have to deny services based on the lack of funding, but I have to shove that aside when it's my childrens' future I'm fighting for. I'm just very tired of fighting over & over again, for the same things, but giving up isn't an option either.



Jenny said...

Oh Jessi, your lovely cards are so pretty but now I've read your whole post I feel so upset for you and Connor. It's so unfair that it has to come down to money and not the needs of our special children, life is hard enough for them to deal with most of the time!! I really try not to take it for granted the support that James receives as I now it's such a lottery out there!
I hope you can find a solution to smooth the way, as that's all we seem to be doing sometimes isn't it! Does Connor have a Statement Of Educational Needs or the Canadian equivalent?? Not sure of the way things are done over there.

Jenny x

Meg said...

Oh, Jessi, I'm so sorry you (and Connor) are so frustrated with school right now. I hope you get some comfort in knowing that you are fighting for the right thing, when so many other parents would just give up and take the "easy" way out with an adapted curriculum. Does the word "lawsuit" have as much power in Canada as it does in the US?

On a happier note, those quilled snowflakes are just gorgeous! I especially like the one with Santa!

Anonymous said...

More gorgeous quilling, Love it!
Good luck with your 'battle', it can be so frustrating when you are fighting a system. My thoughts are with you and Connor. Hugs. Therese

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Jessi, so sad to hear about the difficult times for you with arranging everything for Connor!! It's unfair that children like him are not taken card of good enough, because of budgets... I feel sorry for him and hope he's not too sad because of this! Good luck for you with fighting for him! You can do it!! You know what you do it for!!! Thinking of you!!!
Your cards are so pretty! Looks like you're doing well on the christmas cards! I'm curious which Paper Smooches stamps you ordered, but maybe we'll see that soon?!
All the best to you and your family!!
Hugs, Wendy

walchowDesign said...

Hi Jessi, I am so sorry to hear that you need to fight so much for your children especially when they have the right to get assistance from school. Somehow school just delayed in extending such assistance but with your perseverance, I am sure it will be heard soon!

Queen of quilling. Those snowflakes are exquisite, Jessi!

Jen W. said...

All gorgeous but the second one is especially stunning!

So sorry to hear about your frustrations with Connor's school. And poor Connor must be feeling so lost. I know it's exhausting but keep fighting for him. Big hugs to you.

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Jessi, I am loving all your snowman cards you are so creative and I just looked at your last post wow you are a wizz at quilling.
Hope things start to look up for connor!!

lisa arana said...

all bow down to the quilling queen. everything you make it so trendy and beautiful.

Emily Leiphart said...

Your quilled snowflakes and poinsettias are amazing! I'm sorry to hear about the troubles at Connor's school. Is there another school he could go to where he might have more one-on-one time with his teacher? I hope you can find a solution that works well for all involved! Hang in there, Jessi!