Monday, April 9, 2012

Punch it Out! Shopping our Stash #46

Completely forgot that I had made a card for this challenge until this afternoon - luckily I'm squeaking in with a whole 13 hours to spare!
Supplies: rainbow paper from scrap basket (made with distress inks:
Fired Brick, Spiced Marmalade, Mustard Seed, Peeled Paint,
Broken China, Dusty Concord, and Palette Noir ink for splatters);
rhinestone swirls & red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black rhinestones
from the dollar store;
Sentiment from My Favorite Things "Hooga Booga;"
Martha Stewart Butterfly punch; Sakura Stardust glitter pen
I know I've said it before, but I do love creating with rainbow colours. Add bling (used up the last of several different swirl packages here) and a chance to use my Stardust pen? Yay!
If you have a card waiting to link up with the Shopping our Stash challenge, scoot on over & do it quick!

Several other items of sugars are back to normal. A stomach bug has been going around, and even though I escaped the worst of it I think I was probably dehydrated. Glad that's over, though!

Last week I talked a little bit about how services are continually being cut for children with special needs- well, now our district has fired EVERY SINGLE LIBRARIAN. Every one. You can read about it in this article, including the ludicrous statement from a school board member: "libraries will still exist in the Chignecto-Central region, but there won't be any librarians working in them." That's 41 jobs - and just as an example, our local elementary school's librarian is shared amongst 3 schools, already a bare-bones situation.

I know that I will have to begin fighting, letter-writing, and putting energy into this situation soon, but right now I just can't do it. I am beyond discouraged that reasonable people would see this as an option - and if they are willing to slash an entire vital section of schooling, how in the world am I going to convince anyone otherwise? It's a whole new level of disheartening.

Well, that was a bummer. Go look at my cheery card again...I think I will too.


Marlena M. said...

Jessi, your card is AWESOME! Your butterflies are so pretty. The librarian situation IS depressing. I'm so sorry to hear that it occurred in your district. However, you writing about it here is a start, right? ;)

Jen W. said...

I love when you bust out your rainbow paper. It always makes me smile. :)

Glad you're feeling better and your sugars are back to normal. And that you escaped the worst of the stomach bug. Nasty things they are.

So how exactly will a library run with no librarians? I don't get that. I dread to see who goes next...

Lindsey said...

As a former school librarian, why am I not even surprised at this latest cost-cutting measure? Sigh.
On to happier things... your card! What a beautiful way to use some of your stash! The butterflies look awesome.

~Tammy~ said...

It's idiotic the programs they are cutting and the "do more with less" attitude. I shall stop before I get going as well.

Your card is a beautiful bright spot in the day!!! Glad you got this beauty in.

Dana said...

Lovley card! I just LOVE the butterflies!!!

lostinpaper said...

Love your cheery rainbow of butterflies and bling... is that white space I see? Looks fantastic Jessi!

Jenny said...

Jessi those butterflies are gorgeous and all that bling too.
What crackpot idea is firing Librarians!!!! How does a library exist without?
Jenny x

JJ Bolton said...

Your blingy rainbow butterflies just make me smile:) I can't imagine what your hands looked like after that inky session:)

The firing of all the librarians in your district is ludicrous! How exactly will the library function without librarians? How about we fire the bureaucrats and keep the librarians;)

CarlaKH said...

So sorry to hear of the job woes.. that is just horrible! THat card however is soo pretty! Love the colors! Thanks for playing along with us at Shopping Our Stash!

Lisa Arana said...

Adore the rainbow of butterflies. Just gorgeous.

The cuts are so sad. How can you have a well rounded education when so many important programs and jobs are cut? I do not understand.

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

Gorgeous card, Jessi! It makes me smile!! Keep on smiling,too!

Hazel said...

Stunningly beautiful - love it - thanks for sharing in the 'punch it out' challenge at Shopping our stash, Hazel, Guest Designer x

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Jessi,

So sad to hear what's happening to try to save things....I understand savings must be made, but sometimes you can not understand the choices that are made.. But maybe any choice they will make, will be bad for someone? Well, I AM happy that I am not in their shoes... Do hope things will work out for you!
And you have that much snow!!! Wow!!! When will spring start for you?
Do LOOOOOVE your card! Those colorful butterflies make me happy!!! Gorgeous!!!
Hugs, Wendy

Jingle said...

Oh, I love this card! The colors are fabulous and the sparkle is perfect!

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

WOW!!! This is absolutely AMAZING -LOVE your butterfly card!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter, hugs, Karin

walchowDesign said...

Love your rainbow card!

Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well!

yyam said...

Just love those distress inked butterflies...soooo pretty!

Bummer about the librarian situation. Does it really cost a lot to have a librarian? Don't be disheartened. Do what you can within your power. I'm sure there will be parents rallying behind you. Stay cool.

Jocelyn Olson said...

Love the way you inked the butterflies, Jessi. Your card has so much movement! And 13 hours? That's practically getting it in early! ;) Glad your sugars are normal...Easter can be rough. That's total crap about the librarians. I lived in a town like that, and they had volunteers that kept the library open for about 8 hours a week. I just don't understand how/why they would cut it for schools, though! I hope you start your letter writing campaign!

Marie said...

We are facing the same budget cuts here in NY. :-( Your butterfly card is wonderful...I think they escaped from my Garden.