Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspired by Woodgrain

Good morning! Squeaking in on the last day again for the challenge over at Inspired By #28. This week is all about the thank you card. With my sons in different schools for the first time, I have double the teachers and staff to thank, about 20 in total. I've always thanked the classroom teacher, but over time realized that people forget the custodians, the secretaries, and what about teachers? Gym, library, French, we have a bit of a list. Anyhow, here's my card for a teacher who works closely with Connor in the Learning Centre. He's a musician and songwriter, and performed for Connor's Language Arts class during their poetry unit, so Connor calls him a famous musician. Fingers crossed that he has a position at the same school next year - he really is the kind of teacher that is worth his weight in gold!
Supplies: papers from Cosmo Cricket "Wanted;"
wood veneer banner pieces from Studio Calico;
twine from Paper Smooches;
guitar sticker from PSX;
letter stickers from Jillibean Soup
Here's the inspiration photo - for my card I was inspired by the woodgrain, and the variety of the colours in the metal wreath (although mine don't match). How cool would that be hanging outside?

For extra fun today, I wanted to share my dog adventure from Monday afternoon. First of all, a blurry picture of Abby with her crazy dog smile:

So we're out in the yard hanging out in the sunshine, playing Frisbee, burning my back to such a crisp that two days later I'm still wincing (yeah, way to go, I know...), and Abby the loony tune keeps racing back to the house and barking.
And barking.
And barking some more.

Finally, frustrated with how loud & persistent she's being no matter what I do, I get up and go over. "There's nothing there, you fool. Stop barking!! It's just a piece of wood!!" (Yes, I talk to her.)

Then I take a closer look at that piece of wood....

Can you see him?

He must have crawled up there to hide when we came outside - they tend to be shy, and definitely afraid of dogs. This guy's bum was wider than he perhaps thought, because he was stuck. I had to hold Abby with one hand (being bitten by wild cornered rodent? No thanks.) while moving the wood & basket so he could waddle as fast as his chubby self could go. 

Abby is very proud of herself - the yard is once again safe from fat furry things!


Laurel said...

I love all the woodgrain papers and the banner on your card! Thanks for playing!

Debbie said...

This is a great card!! I love the colours!
Yay for Abby! Now that she saved you from the groundhog you can forgive her for the puddle by the back door. :)

Annette Allen said...

awesome the sentiment in the flags...and the added twine looks awesome...

how adorable is your dog...hehe and that groundhog is too cute..

walchowDesign said...

Great card for a music teacher and love the rows of flags on the side too!

I think you would have guessed that you've already put a smile on my face while seeing Abby! That groundhog is looks chubby!

Theresa said...

Love the card - the wood veneer panels are awesome. Poor ground hog - look at that sweet face. He just wanted to hide. Abby needs to learn to share!!! :)

Jen W. said...

Totally diggin' this card! Love the woodgrain strips and the awesome guitar sticker.

And Abby's smile is hilarious! I can just see hEr strutting around all pleased with herself and her job well done. LOL!

Jingle said...

Loving the woodgrain! Such a great card!

Emily Keaton said...

That woodgrain thanks card is fabulous! I love how you captured that cool inspiration photo. And I loved your groundhog story!! Too funny. :D

kingstonmama said...

Fab card. I'm sure all the staff members at your sons' schools really appreciate you! I love your groundhog story. I've never seen a groundhog before! He's kind of cute. :) Ann Y.

yyam said... the banner on your card! And how cute is that groundhog??? :)

~Tammy~ said...

Ok, I am officially in love with your card! This is pretty darn cool and right up street!

That groundhog is adorable! Poor thing was scared of Abby!

Sounds like you are having a blast! (oh, and your comment today cracked me up)

lostinpaper said...

Fabulous card Jessi! Love the wood banner and guitar, perfect for a musician! I've never seen a groundhog before... TFS!

Jenny said...

What an apt instrument to use on a wood grain all the colours and textures by the way and I wouldn't mind one of those metal wreaths in my yard either, cool or what!!
Not sure I'd like a groundhog in the backyard though, but I'm pretty sure Rolo would :0)
Jenny x

Unknown said...

Jessi I love it when you share your daily adventures! LOL This fat lil fella must have been pretty scared, glad you helped him :) I love your card too! :)

JJ Bolton said...

Cute card!

That is one healthy groundhog! Love his expression. Sort of like "if you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you", lol!

Hope you're having a groundhog and sewage-free day!!