Monday, June 25, 2012

Stickers, baby, Stickers!

I had all the best intentions to post these yesterday, and then I went downstairs to throw in some laundry....and found that the *(&&^&* sewage line had *&&^&*^&* backed up into the basement again. What is that, 6 weeks? The last time, the plumber told us we would have to have the pipe between our house & the main line replaced (and the front yard dug up) but that there wasn't any rush. I guess the trees had another idea, though, because the problem once again was roots.


(OK, not really, but I hate sewage in the basement.)
The only possible bright spot? We haven't come close to putting everything back in place, so for once, procrastinating has led to a good thing. Other than freaking disgusting cleanup, there won't be any losses with this backup. So, the kids' first partial week off of school will be spent hanging around waiting for (and then watching) a backhoe dig up our front lawn (and possibly walkway, and possibly front steps) and having pipes replaced. I was just thinking how it would be good to have to spend a big chunk of change on something like that. (Oh, wait, didn't we just do that? GROAN.)

At this point even with a new pipe I don't think I'm ever going to feel safe putting things back on that side of the basement. Can you get poop-related PTSD?


Soooo, how was your weekend?

I have cards ready for two challenges to share with you - Shopping our Stash #56, Stuck on Stickers, ends Monday night. I love stickers! I use stickers all the time, and hoard them too, so this challenge is right up my alley. I made two the same way, with different colours:
Supplies: stickers from stash - mainly Basic Grey, K &Co;
Cuttlebug embossing folder;
Digital Princess sentiment stamp;
Versamark, Spiced Marmalade & Barn Door distress inks, clear EP

I love how the multi-colour sentiments turned out!

Supplies: same as above, with Mustard Seed & Peeled Paint distress inks
Fun, right? I think that a baby card done with 'spare' alphabet stickers would be cool too. I love using alphabet stickers, especially when I'm personalizing a card with someone's name, but I also have a bad habit of hanging on to the sticker sheet well past its being useful (no vowels, etc). Super way to stash-bust. And the embossing after adhering the letters really makes them stick tight.

Now to this week's Crafty Creations Challenge - #175, Baby Baby. This year at Riley's school, three teachers are having babies. Two have already gone on maternity leave, and the third is due over the summer. Keep in mind there are only about 15 teachers at this school....and don't drink the water. Seriously! Even though this teacher is with the first grade, I want to make sure to include her in my tradition of giving a handmade baby blanket. (Previously, everyone going on maternity leave has been directly involved with one or the other of my kids...wait, maybe it's them?) ANYHOW, you can't give a present without a card!
Supplies: papers and chipboard flag from Fancy Pants;
buttons from Dress it Up;
sentiment from Cloud 9 Designs;
London Fog memento ink;
standard oval Nesties
With any luck I'll be back later with some more challenges - card related. You hear that, nature? CARD-RELATED CHALLENGES ONLY. Thank you.



lostinpaper said...

More fab cards, the embossing on the numbers looks awesome! I think your cat pic totally sums it up! Good luck with the mess to come!

yyam said...

Oh dear. Not a good problem to have. Hope that gets sorted out soon.

Fab cards though. Love the happy colours and numbers! :)

Debbie said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear of more sewer issues!! (Would that tree happen to be a weeping willow??)
Wonderful cards!! I am lifting this idea for using leftover stickers!
*Congratulations on being chosen for the you know what over at you know where!! Me, too!! :)

Annette Allen said...

oh no so sorry about your problem right now...that is so not fun...I hope it all gets worked out soon...those darn roots cause so many problems...

Your card is how you used the stickers...

Emily Keaton said...

Oh, yuck, Jessi. That just totally stinks (OK, I guess both literally and figuratively here). What a mess! Hang in there--I hope all of this gets resolved quickly. I'll be thinking of you!

Theresa said...

Hi Jessi - well that really stinks! Home ownership - geez. I have a friend that has the same issue - she was told it would cost $25k to repair. So her solution is to roto rooter once a year and so far it has solved the problem. Oh, I hate nature too!!

Your cards are great!! Love all the numbers.

Have a great week.

Wendy ten Hove said...

Oh, gosh, so sorry for the sewage problems!! Hope you will get everything clean again soon and enjoy fresh air again!!
Your cards are pretty, love the way you used those stickers!!
Hugs, Wendy

CinnamonSally said...

Oh dear poor you, hope the problem is sorted soon and I love the very apt cat photograph. Fabulous cards Jessi..

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

Urgh! Hope it is sorted out ASAP!
Wonderful cards again - so CREATIVE!!
Hugs, Karin

Jingle said...

These are such cute cards!

fairyrocks said...

Hate that type of thing. We are currently waiting for the plumber to come and tell us "yes I can fix that...and I charge only by the its going to take FOREVER to fix.
I am down to only using nessesary water too.
So I crapmisserate with you for sure. Cute cartoon

~amy~ said...

Oh dear, you poor woman.....I cringe whenever I read that you're tackling that basement of yours. hang in there.

Love the cards...especially the sticker ones...totally looks like patterned paper.

Jocelyn Olson said...

Is it okay that I laughed? Yes, I think you can have poop PTSD. I still have BO PTSD from an incident on a plane in Europe (even writing this makes me gag). So sorry that you have to go through this AGAIN, but at least it gives the boys something to do during the day.

I love the numbers and embossing--so clever! It looks amazing! The baby card is terribly sweet...great sentiments on it. Is that frog walking? He must be from the nuclear pond.

Crystal said...

I love your super cute cards (such a great way to use your stickers) but am still giggling about he poop PTSD! I'm sure I'd have it if I were you and this happened more than once. Good luck with your repair & Thanks for joining us over at SOS this past week for our sticker challenge :)

walchowDesign said...

How fun with all the stickers and running thru the embossing folder-beautiful effect on the card, Jessi! Love how the sentiment turned out too with the distressing work! Good luck with the repair work!

~Tammy~ said...

Oh dear, what a way to start summer huh??? I cringe worried this will happen to us sometime. It's happened to two of my neighbors right around us, and this house has some age on it. So who knows what kind of plumbing was installed back then.

Your cards are adorable and what a sweet thing/tradition you do for the teachers! So awesome!

I need to participate in these challenges sometime because I have a lot of stash!

Sorry, I am so far behind in visiting. It's well you know!!!!


Cheryl said...

HA! Ok, I know your poop dilemma isn't funny, is, kinda, you know? Love that cute cat picture you added at the end. Anyway, I can relate because the pipe for our sump pump disconnected about a year ago, and so everything that was supposed to be flowing to the septic tank went into our basement instead--for several days before we realized it! YUK! Luckily, I already had plans that day, so my DH had it all cleaned up before we got back home!!! As for the card--very clever use of all those stickers!

Virginia L. said...

Jessi, as you know,I love stickers! What a great find! You really make the stickers work for you!The baby card is sweet! You poster makes me smile...we have a lot of droppings thanks to our Canadian geese! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the music that I posted. I think your darling son has GREAT taste in music. You can't go wrong with One Direction, eh?

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, I love how the end of the post matches the beginning, like bookends. So sorry about the busted pipe and backup. :S I love your cards though! The embossing on the pp looks fantastic and I love the gradient sentiments!

Lindsey said...

Sewage backup, SO not fun. Glad you procrastinated on putting stuff back. and I happen to think procrastination always pays off. :P
Great cards, and I'm so glad you joined us at Crafty Creations Challenges!

Jenny said...

Oh no Jessi, thats just crap...quite literally :0(
Yep nature obviously had other ideas..... you're feeding those trees too much !!!
at least the work will stop it happening again :0)
fab cards, its good to use up all those excess letters and numbers some way and looks like this is a good way..... the green version is my fave.
Good luck with the clean up and repair, at least it'll give the boys something to watch!!
Jenny x

Unknown said...

Jessi, these are awesome cards.
Poop PTSD, NOT awesome!
I LOVE that cat picture...probably exactly what kitty was thinking too! Hope the boys enjoy the heavy machinery...never an end to the fun!

JJ Bolton said...

Totally digging your use of alpha/number stickers! That is genius!!! I thought it was cool dp at first. I'm totally going to try something like that!

I *really, really* hope that removing the tree will be the solution for all your poop probs. Have you ever watched that show Dirty Jobs? They had an episode with the guys that clean up sewer messes for a living. Not fun. (BTW, that cat pic cracks me up!)

Deena said...

awww...poop stinks, especially backed up in the basement...hope it doesn't end up being too expensive!!! the cards are great, loving how you used up the extras for the number stickers...thanks for joining in the Shopping our Stash sticker challenge this week!

Dana said...

Yikees!! So sorry about your basement!! I feel your pain!! Hopefully it will all turn out ok!! :) I love the sticker cards!! Awesome idea!!

kingstonmama said...

Well, yuck! That doesn't sound like fun at all. Hope the repairs go well.

I love your cards. What a brilliant way to use alpha/number stickers. I love your groovy colors. The first one reminds me of the shag rug we had in the basement when I was a little girl. I love it! :) ann Y.

Jen W. said...

Totally thought that was patterned paper going on there. The number stickers look awesome and the two-toned sentiments are really cool.

Hope the sewage nightmare repair is done or nearing an end?