Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shopping our Stash #76 - BEST DEAL EVER!

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This week's Shopping our Stash challenge is a really fun one - create something using your BEST DEAL EVER! Something you just HAD to have because it was on sale. For me, generally, those things that I buy simply BECAUSE they're on sale...those end up being things I wonder about later. Case in point:

Fired Brick Distress Embossing Powder, for $2. 
I have only one other colour of distress EP, simply because it is the only EP I have that sets off the smoke detector. Every time. So why did I need another colour?

because it was $2. 

Supplies: Basic Grey "Basics" paper;
velvet paper scrap;
heart buttons from Dress it Up!;
rub-on from EAD Designs;
hearts background stamp from Market Street Stamps;
Versamark & Fired Brick EP
I bought so many of those heart buttons years ago - and just now I'm getting down to the last couple dozen. Time to find more! The distress EP is meant to be rubbed after melting - there's 'grit' in it, so that your embossed area takes on a distressed look. Was it worth my $2? Sure. Am I going to use up that whole jar? Uh,no. probably not. 

So, what do you have in YOUR stash that was a totally awesome smoking deal? Would you have bought it if it wasn't a smoking deal? Make something with it, and tell us about it :)

This challenge will be open until next Monday night, November 12 - and don't forget to check out all my awesome (I love that word!) teammates:



SmilynStef said...

Too fun ... don't you love awesome crafty finds ... fantastic card.

~amy~ said...

Awesome $2 purchase:)

Annette Allen said...

wow 2 dollars...great deal...love your card.

Emily Keaton said...

HAD to laugh--multiple times--during this post!! Yes, I too have maaaaaaaaaaany things in my stash only because they were on sale. I wanted resin flower doohickies. Pink would have been so pretty, blue would have been perfect. Even orange I'd have been happy with. But I came home with, wait for it, chartreuse resin flowers. Chartreuse? Only because they were the marked down color. Did I get any other colors? No, because none were marked down. How many have I used? Why, zero. You gotta wonder about us bargain hounds sometimes . . .

jimlynn said...

LOL! I wish I had a dollar for everything I thought I NEEDED just because it was on sale! EEK!! I DO love this wonderful card though....all the hearts are delightful!

Helen F. said...

Good deal! I could enter this challenge every hour on the hour for weeks with all the crafty things I buy 'on sale and a good deal' but hardly ever (well, sometimes NEVER use) LOL

Lindsey said...

People buy things that aren't on sale? :P I of course would jump at any embossing powder on sale for $2. I like the use of it here for the background pattern. Great card! (Hey, does FREE count as a best deal ever?)

CarlaKH said...

Fabulous card- and that EP is a great deal... even it sets off smoke alarms. What's a little screeching if it makes such gorgeous cards hehe...

Dawn said...

lol... too funny! Just don't use it after the kids or hubby have gone to bed :) Your card is really sweet and beautiful. Those buttons are fantastic.

Hugs, Dawn

walchowDesign said...

Had to laugh! Definitely a good deal and I would have bought it as well. Lovely hearty card!

yyam said...

Haha...I know what you mean about scoring a good deal...I used to do that but I'm a good girl now! *winks*

Love the heart buttons!!! Love the embossed bits!

~Tammy~ said...


Love your fabby red and sassy card!

Glimpses of My Heart said...

Jessi - Too funny!! Your card is adorable. Love the heart buttons....reminds me of some I know I have some where..... ;) Congrats on your feature at Ms Moxie Fabber :)

Unknown said...

Jessi, I love how you say "getting down to the last couple dozen" lol. I mean, this has just become an emergency...of epic proportions! Great card. Love the stacked buttons and the rub-on. The small scale red hearts on creamy paper is so pretty.