Monday, December 10, 2012

Silver & Gold? Together?

So for some reason, when I first sat down to attempt the current DYSU challenge of silver & gold, I realized that apparently there are some colours that I just don't seem able to combine. Metallic colours. Everything else is fair game. Trying to find a silver and a gold that worked together & didn't make my eyes hurt was haaaaard (nice whine, right?) BUT that is why these things are called challenges. I persevered & I actually like what I made:

Supplies: gold glitter paper from Colorbok; stamp from Inkadinkado; Versamark; Moonstone embossing powder from Stampendous; standard small & lacy oval Nesties; gold bells from Dollarama; crocheted mat by me 

This glitter paper is fabulous - I can't bring myself to hoard it even, because it is just too perfect for Christmas cards! The bells are sewn on by poking a single hole in the paper oval, threading the bells on, and then going back down through the same hole. This keeps them just loose enough to still ring - after all, why put bells on if you aren't going to let them jingle?? 

In personal news...I hurt my shoulder for the umpteenth time last week, and I can't figure out how I'm doing it. I'm fairly certain that I'm just old & creaky, but I have an x-ray booked for this morning to see what's what. I'm right-handed, but I use my left hand constantly while crafting, and I'd noticed that I keep fumbling or outright dropping small items. Last night I was filling a water glass from the cooler in the fridge, and my hand just suddenly decided to stop holding the glass. That was annoying and also kind of scary when I started thinking about it. Fumbling small items is one thing, but a full water glass? And how big of a puddle can one glass of water make? I don't know, but a dog and two cats were on it so fast my head spun, lol. I think they were disappointed to find out it was only water. 

Be right back with another post - I told you I was a busy girl last week!!


fairyrocks said...

Oh, this is so pretty Jessi.

jimlynn said...

Jessi, hope your should is ok!! I'll be thinking of you.

Love this gorgeous beauty! That mat you made is stunning!!! So pretty!

walchowDesign said...

Great take on the silver and gold! It's a difficult combination, I think but you did it great, Jessi! Yeah! I had a hard time sewing those bells too!

walchowDesign said...

Forgot this part... hope the x-ray comes out ok. Keep us updated!

Peanut said...

The colours work beautifully! Love it...but that could just be the magpie in me speaking! Hope you feel better soon. Cant wait to see your TMS offering.


lauren bergold said...

oof! ok, based on years of chiropractic hijinks, i'm gonna go out onna limb and say "pinched nerve" either in your shoulder or your neck. dunno if you "believe in" chiropractors (i'm sure you believe they EXIST, lol!) but this is the kinda thing they can reallllllllly help with! (always good to get xrays etc first tho!!!) hope you will be all better ASAP... but in the meantime... it doesn't seem to be affectin' the old mojo, and that's for sure!!! ♥♥♥

Pauline said...

Beautiful card Jessi, I love the little gold bells and silver embossed sentiment.
Thanks for joining us at DYSU this week!

lostinpaper said...

I'm with you, I've done silver & gold and it's a difficult combo, but can look fabulous together, just like in your card! Good luck with your shoulder!