Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Connor & Happy (Belated!) Birthday, Barb!

Before I do ANYTHING, I've got to tell you - today is Connor's birthday. My oldest *baby* turns 14 years old. We've always been relatively low-key with birthdays - for years the noise & chaos were just too much for him to enjoy, and now he likes to stick with what we've always done. Fair enough! This of course includes cake - now he prefers to go & pick from what's at the bakery that day. And I overheard him talking to himself Saturday about getting McDonald's....our drive-thru has just re-opened after having the whole restaurant closed for 4 months.
"I like to eat McDonald's every year for my birthday because it makes me feel young."
But he's not as young anymore - yesterday we went to Chapters, and "just in case" Connor had brought his wallet with him. He found a nifty little test tube kit for growing rainbow crystals, and decided he wanted to buy it. I went to another aisle to check on Riley, and as we had a deal that no one would leave the children's area....when I saw Connor about 5 minutes later trying to fit the package into his jacket, I squawked & told him "You can't do that! They'll think you're stealing it!!"

Connor: "I'm not stealing it!"
Mom: "I know that, but the store people don't know that. You can't put it in your coat before you pay for it. Let me carry it."
Connor: "But I paid already!"
Mom: "When?"
Connor: "Right now, when you went to look for Riley."
Mom: "What? Why don't you have a bag?"
Connor: "I don't need to waste a bag. It will fit in my pocket."
Mom: "Do you have the receipt?"
Connor: "Of course I do!"
And he produces it from his wallet, hands it to me, and loudly says "I told you I wasn't stealing it!"

I felt mortified! The poor kid. Even a year ago I wouldn't have imagined this scenario - but in the last year the leaps & bounds Connor has made are astonishing. To complete the entire transaction on his own? Connor's speech is difficult for a lot of people to understand, and to be without a 'translator' for the whole purchase - that takes courage that I don't think I have. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my *little* man (who is now a whole nose taller than I am) and who proves to me all the time that it is a fool's game to predict how a child will grow & develop & achieve. I don't in the least mind being wrong on that level :)

Now, I have to also wish a happy belated birthday to my dear Barbles - best laid plans being what they are, Barb & I have been trying to meet up since before Christmas but yesterday managed to have a drive-by quickie in the parking lot ;) LOL! (That sounds terrible but I'm leaving it in.) I was lucky enough to meet Barb in person this year, and I want to adopt her. She's a beautiful, loving person, and I'm so incredibly grateful that I'm getting to know her. Here's the card that I gave her yesterday:

Supplies: papers from Pink Paislee; clip art & type from Crafty Secrets; 'chica' rub-on from EAD Designs; flower from Offray; Sakura Stardust glitter pen; Sizzix label dies

And something that gave me great joy? I got to wrap her present (which like a dork I forgot to take a picture of) in the SEAWEED BOX! (The story on that is at the bottom of this post)



Annette Allen said...

Happy Birthday to Conner and what a sweet friend you are... Barb will love to read sweet...

Emily Keaton said...

Happy birthday to Connor!! My oldest baby turned 14 last month, too. Makes me feel old! Kudos to Connor for completing that transaction all on his own. My kids struggle with Stuff like that too. It's a proud mama moment, I know!

Love, love, love that sweet glamour girl card you made for Barb! She must have been thrilled :-).

Have a super day, my friend!

~Tammy~ said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Your story brought tears to my eyes! You must feel on top of the world!

I love Barb and I have not met her, so I am jealous! I love both you girls! Love your card! So perfect for her!

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, that is amazing of Connor to go ahead and purchase on his own! Happy birthday to your 'baby'!! And that is hilarious about having a quickie with Barb. Hahaha. Awesome card for her, Jessi!!

walchowDesign said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! YOu must be a proud mama that Connor has grown up and a nose taller than you are, Jessi! ( I was not proud when my son started to catch up with me with height but now he is a head taller than me and am a proud mum!)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Connor!! It's amazing to see our kids grow... physically, socially, in every way... but especially in their own way!!

Beautiful card for Barb!

jimlynn said...

First of all........Happy Birthday to Connor! Jessi, they grow up so very fast so treasure each and every moment with them!

Beautiful card and love the sentiment on here. So lovely and know your friend loved it as well.

Lindsey said...

That's one of the many great things about kids... they constantly surprise you. Hope Connor's birthday was a great day for him.
I adore this birthday card you made! It's absolutely brilliant!

Melissa Craig said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

Lovely card Momma! Your friend is very lucky. I love the vintage pin-up girl.

~amy~ said...

Such a great read how well your birthday boy is doing....a drive by quickie and a gift wrapped in a seaweed box...

life IS good.

Love the card...that Chica is one of my EAD Favs:)

JJ Bolton said...

Happy Belated Birthday Connor!

And big hugs for Mom! I have to remind myself too that as parents we're moving into uncharted territories not just our teenagers:) Connor is an amazing boy! No surprises that he's making so much progress with a mom like you Jessi! Better stop now before I start crying (yes, I'm a crier, lol!)


Unknown said...

Jessi...I cleared it with my Mom. If you can provide a good home you can adopt me! But in all seriousness, I can't thank you enough. It means so much that you would spend so much time creating a gift for me. It means the world to me. Love ya xx

P.S. I'm keeping the seaweed box forever ;)

Nance said...

Sounds as if Connor's birthday had plenty of excitement for both of you! Kudos to him for accomplishing that task, on his birthday too! I have a feeling you are going to be continually amazed as time moves on.

Pretty card for your friend Barb too. That gave me a big laugh --- "quickie in the parking lot"! LOL You are a hoot! And so glad you are better. Hope everyone has recovered now.

Jen W. said...

Rock on, Connor! Good for him for striking out on his own like that. I bet after the mortification subsided you were all puffed up like a proud Mama Bear! :)

And your card for Barb ROCKS!! It's totally up there with the Silence card! Glad you guys enjoyed your quickie! ;P