Thursday, February 7, 2013

With Sympathy

A rare just-because often I'm scrambling to share cards before challenge deadlines that my photos folder gets full of things I've made & not shared. These are from before Christmas! 

Supplies: Grey Flannel Memento ink; sympathy stamp set from PTI (from Barb!

Supplies: Cuttlebug embossing folder; Grey Flannel Memento ink; vellum stickers from Jolee's; PTI sympathy set

So this morning, right as the kids are heading out into the -30C windchill on their way to the bus stop, my husband calls in a panic, unable to find his wallet. Do you know WHEN he noticed it was missing? AFTER filling up for gas. Yep, we are one of the few places (it seems) that don't have to pay before filling up (yet.) A coworker came to bail him out, but it was an hour of him desperately thinking & calling around, and me searching around the house. The funniest part, to me, was how insistent he was that he zipped it into his jacket pocket....and then I found it, in the pocket of his sweatpants.

I have sympathy for him - after all, how many times have I ended up searching around my desk for something that was stuck to my shirt or (*koff*) held in my hand?

Oh yeah, and that -30C? We're also expecting 40+cm of snow starting late Friday night. *shudder*



walchowDesign said...

Goodness me! -30C That is extremely cold, Jessi! Have never experience such temperature before but my coldest was -26C! Keep yourself warm!

Glad that the wallet was found!

Two great cards!

Annette Allen said...

welll thank goodness he found it even if it was real close. hehe.. men..

Your cards are gorgeous...

~Tammy~ said...

Oh goodness, doesn't that just get your cardio up! Poor guy!

These are beautiful! So soft and subtle. These are hard for me too like the DMC's. For very obvious reasons!

Hey check Paper Players. You may be able to link up there. I think they have a Sympathy Challenge.

Lindsey said...

These are perfect sympathy cards, Jessi -- soft and subtle. I'll let you know what to expect your way after we get the snow wallop tonight! :(

Lisa Arana said...

Beautiful cards.

I had to giggle at your hubby, sounds like mine. :)

jimlynn said...

Jessi, I think maybe your husband and mine are related!!! Glad you found the wallet though.

These are so pretty and I'm total love with that second one! Gorgeous!!


lostinpaper said...

Sounds like you're having some life fun Jessi lol! ps Your cards are gorgeous, especially love the elegance of the sympathy card!

Debbie said...

These are beautiful!! Sympathy cards are not the easiest to make!

Haha! A man and his wallet! If I didn't HATE them, I'd buy my hubby one with a chain! LOL

Emily Keaton said...

These simply sympathy cards are absolutely lovely, Jessie. Completely perfect for the job. Sounds like the blizzard is going to be heading your way, too. I had to break out my metric conversions to compare your expected snowfall amount to ours ;-). They are saying we could get 18 inches to 24 inches by Saturday afternoon. Looks like we'll both have lots of snow to shovel out!

yyam said...

Sweet cards. Love the swirls. :)

Keep warm. I'm at the other end of the

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi hi, I really don't have that problem... I have too few cards to share regularly these days... But I will share one today and hopefully will have some crafty time this weekend!
Love these cards. Though the reason to send these cards is always sad, these are so pretty and stylish. Especially the first one is a real beauty, I think. Will put a smile on the face of someone who needs it!
Good luck with the predicted snow this evening. Oeff, that's a lot! It'a already melting with us, but just a small layer, could snow a bit more today, but hopefully off to Spring again soon!!!
Hugs, Wendy

Dawn said...

These are both gorgeous!

Poor hubby! Next week pay at the pump will be installed :) or should I say next month after all that snow gets cleared :( I'm also guilty of tearing the house apart just to find that my sunglasses were actually on top of my head lol

Stay warm!


Unknown said...

I'm watching copious amounts of &$%#*@% snow whirl past my window...soothed by your lovely creations...and giggling at your hubby's predicament, both of them actually...because it's happened to me sooo many times before!

kingstonmama said...

These are lovely, Jessi. So pretty. Ann