Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wanna Sketch? 10

This card turned into a bit of a hot mess on

Supplies: paper from MME; stamps & cloud dies from Paper Smooches; Versamark; black EP; Memento Tuxedo Black ink; banner die from MFT (grass); Timeless Twine; Peacock Feathers distress ink; Prismacolor pencils

I started out with essentially this idea, but somehow when it made it on to paper...oh boy. It was inspired (if now looks very loosely based! lol) on Lisa's Wanna Sketch? 10.


****Warning, personal stuff. You can skip it :)
I am super giddy this week because on Monday I am finally getting my tattoo properly fixed - I had a horrendous cover-up done over a year ago, and spent pretty much that entire time researching who I needed to find to fix it. I am SO stoked to no longer look at this hot mess on my arm - that is precisely what the new artist called it. A hot mess. And I've now heard from several people (it's a small town & we all know each other, lol) that that is exactly what he said when his wife showed him the photo: "OMG that is a hot mess. We have to help that girl - she can't walk around like that!"
Here's the long story short - I got a ribbon tattoo after a friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Turns out, that friend was lying. Worse, somehow, is that he didn't lie to the entire world about it, just me. I spent a year looking at my arm and feeling like I was a complete and utter idiot for trusting someone that way, and the next year looking at it and wanting to personally deliver the karma. I will even show you a picture of just how awful it looks:

The new design will be most of my upper arm, include a lyric from "While my Guitar Gently Weeps," and I'm going to love my arm again. Happy birthday to me :) I can't wait to share pictures of how it turns out. The lyric? 

with every mistake we must surely be learning

At least I hope I am. I'm slowly learning how to trust again. And how to forgive myself. Wish me luck :)


Chris Dring said...

I seem to detect a new favorite catch phrase in this post! ;) This card is totally adorable Jessi! You know I loves me a punny sentiment, and the sheep is to stinkin cute! Excited for you to get your tatoo fixed! Good luck!

jimlynn said...

First of all.....your card is sensational!!! Love that little sheep. The clouds, colors, sentiment..perfect! Precious card!
On the "hot mess"......umm.....yep, probably so. Know you're excited to see that fixed now! Can't wait to see what it's going to look like.

Lisa Arana said...

ADORBS!!! I so love your card inspired by Wanna Sketch, it is SOOOOO cute and fun!

Good luck with your tattoo!

Dana said...

I love the card, esp the grass! Why can't i think of things like that! I can't wait to see your 'new' arm!

Lindsey said...

Seriously. He lied to you about TERMINAL CANCER? I hope he's a former friend.
Now, your card? Totally cute. :D

Angela said...

Love your "hot mess" as you call it...great clouds!

That sure is not a friend...sorry this has happened to you. Hope everything goes well Monday.

Cheryl said...

Lovin that cute little sheep in your card! I can't believe someone would lie about dying of cancer, and then let you go and get a tattoo for him! You poor thing! Good luck on the new tattoo!

Greta said...

Darling card--love the die cut grass! Good luck with your arm. Fortunately, lots of trustworthy people in the world to counteract those who aren't!

Emily Keaton said...

Good luck with the hot mess fix tomorrow, Jessi! I'll be thinking of you--I'm so happy you've found a way to fix your fix :D

lauren bergold said...

OMG! jessi!!! poor you! i think the person who reallllllly needs to LEARN SOMETHIN' in this scenario is that big ole liar... imagine lying about THAT???!?! it's like asking for a big kick in the karma, imo, but that's just me. anyway, i'm soooo glad you found someone fab and cannot wait to see the beautiful NEW design that features one of my alltime FAVE songs! ♥♥♥

Debbie said...

Your card is not a hot mess! It's really cute!

As for your arm... all I can think is "Ow!"

Peanut said...

Great card, Jessi. Luckily, I'm too much of a coward to go for a tattoo. Ow! I got to hand it to you for having another go. Ow! Can't wait to see the new work of art...again, Oooowww!
xxx Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

Nance said...

Adorable card! Love those clouds! Good luck with your tattoo! Can't wait to see the finished product! I hope that "friend" got the boot - how awful!