Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Morning Sketches #322 - Our Own Melissa!

Welcome to the annual Anything Goes challenge at Tuesday Morning Sketches! No sketch for this 2 week challenge - but we'd love to see you create something that stretches your own creativity. Maybe try something new? Melissa is sponsoring with a great package of goodies.

My project comes after a learning experience. Please set aside your beverage.

I was given a set of alcohol inks a while back, and I haven't ever used them. When I picked up some glass ornaments for Christmas I thought to myself hey....I have those alcohol inks! I should try doing that. So I bought some mixative as well, and briefly looked at tutorials and chose one that recommended compressed air for fast drying. Now here comes the learning experience...each individual item I was working with said "use in a ventilated space". But hey, I said to myself, my Zip Dry glue says that too and it's not a problem.

Drip some AI into the ball. Drip some mixative in. (Realizing after the fact that no, I'm leaving that out when I attempt this again). Spray compressed air. Ooooh, look, the ink moves around! Ok, this is cool. Drip in some more ink, spray more air...keeping it going, keeping it going, and then suddenly I kind of come to, leaning over in the chair, and thinking um, I don't feel right.

No ventilation = huffing

Oh my.

I have cut myself, burned myself, bruised myself when the cuttlebug crank slipped and knocked me on the arm....but I have never (well, HAD never) accidentally gotten high while crafting.

Alrighty, you can have your beverage back now :)

Plan B involved tucking small quilled pieces and die cuts into the glass ball, which was accomplished without incident. I'd like to try a snowflake inside one!

Hard to get a very good picture - the bells are hung from embroidery floss, the cap of the ornament put back on, and then tied to the ring to keep them from falling further inside the ball. 

This challenge will be open for 2 weeks, until Sunday, January 3 - hop on over & see what the rest of the team has made! 



Barbara Godden said...

Your story is funny, bet it wasn't at the time lol. next time heed the warnings. Your finished project is lovely, I love the idea of your paper twilled flowers and snowflake. Happy Winter Solstice

Notes by Nina said...

Oh my Jessi, I should not giggle but I am. This is something I totally would do.. thank you for the warning. Your ornament is stunning. I hope you have an amazing holiday season.

Debbie said...

Well, now you can say you've done it all!! LOL
Sweet ornament!
Have a very Merry Christmas and Blessed 2016!!!

Kris B said...

Had to laugh at your story Jessi! I can so see this happening to me! Your ornament turned our beautifully! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, wishing you many blessings in 2016!

Melissa Craig said...

Oh my! I'm glad you're OK - that could've been way bad. I love the ornament you did make.

I hope you had a nice Christmas and I wish you and your a family a very Happy New Year!

Lindsey said...

You're sure you didn't do this on purpose? LOL! And we don't even get to see the results of your experience. ;) The ornament you are showing is beautiful! (I've had a glass ornament for about three years, and have yet to decide what to do with it...)

Chris Dring said...

Glad for the 'put down your beverage now' warning, because I did LMAO. I'm am very glad that you came to, and now know the importance of good ventilation. I'd still like to see what the ornament looked like, but in the mean time, this one you posted is all kinds of pretty!