Sunday, July 24, 2011

Call the Girly Police!

Not only about this card - girly girly though it is - but about me! I went & had my hair done on Friday for the first time in 2 years, and had a peek-a-boo streak put green, my favourite colour. Very girly-feeling, and I love it! And then, I put nail polish on for the first time in maybe 10 years? I found it at Hallmark, of all places, and it's UV reactive polish. Indoors it's clear, and outdoors it turns a lovely sheer shade of coral. Next thing you know I'll start wearing makeup every day or something ridiculous like that...

Supplies: papers from Cosmo Cricket "DeLovely;"
floral gem strip from Recollections;
rub-on butterflies from the $store;
'birthday girl' sticker from SRM
It's funny: in creating, the girlier the better, but in my personal life, nah. Not really. And lately I have just really been enjoying the girly things in life. Perhaps my Stockholm Syndrome at living in a house full of boys is finally wearing off? If suddenly I don't find fart jokes funny any more, that's when I'll know for sure that girliness has taken over. I don't foresee it going that far!



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous 'girly' card! Love all that pink and glitter flowers, it's fabulous!! (makeup everyday.. bah humbug, nail polish is fun though)

Emily Keaton said...

I can relate: I tend not to be too girly, either, but it's fun to make girly-girl cards. I love this one of yours. The colors are terrific!! Enjoy that new nail polish--sounds fun!!

Theresa said...

Jessi you're too funny!! I think it's great you put green in your hair. If I wasn't in front of little impressionable kids all day, I'd put in pink!! I only wear polish on my toes and always wear tennis shoes.

Your card is just fabulous. I love all things flowery and pink!! But I too am such a "guy"!

Thanks for your kind encouraging words. Means a lot to me. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

ha, your title made me giggle. good for you for your girlie things. :) Super sweet card too!

lisa a.

JJ Bolton said...

I love that CC delovely paper! And good for you for getting some mom time:). I'm right there with you living with a house of boys (even our dog is a boy)!