Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Warm and Cozy Wishes...

Supplies: papers from Cosmo Cricket "Mitten Weather;"
knitty kitty stamp from Stampendous;
Palette Noir ink; Fun Flock (Cotton Ball) from Stampendous;
standard oval Nesties & snowflake die from Spellbinders
Quite possibly one of my favourite Christmas/winter stamps ever...I love Fluffles. I harbour suspicions that I may *be* Fluffles' hapless human counterpart...maybe that's why I like him so much!

Halloween was great fun - Abby didn't enjoy it all that much, especially hearing "trick or treat" so many times with hardly any treats for her! It also took about 15-20 times for her to stop barking every time my kids knocked on someone else's door. That was pretty funny...the first five times. I couldn't believe the amount of litter on the sidewalks this morning, though. I don't remember it being acceptable to just toss trash on the ground when I was a kid, and you'd think that higher environmental awareness would translate to less litter. Today after school I saw one father tell his kid, "Don't throw that on the ground -it belongs in the garbage can." And then he promptly didn't do anything else about it, just let the kid go. What's the point of saying something at all if you aren't going to back it up? The schoolground and the neighbourhood are disgusting, and there's no reason for it besides laziness.

{sorry, rant over. I hate litter!}

Time to go tackle that stack of dishes - I was waiting for the dish fairy to come, but once again she passed me by. Oh, one more thing: since I added the Facebook badge to my page I've gotten some requests from people I don't recognize. If you are adding me because you found me here, please drop me a quick message at the same time so that I know who you are!



Meg said...

Tee-hee, Fluffles sure is cute in that polka dotted sweater! Love the snowflake die behind him.

PREACH IT about the litter. I also think if you cannot keep your gum in your mouth and it just randomly falls out onto the floor, perhaps you shouldn't be chewing gum. And if it doesn't randomly fall out of your mouth, then there is no excuse to be on the floor! Oh, and then when you ask a kid to put something in the trash and they reply, "it's not mine!" Uh, was that my question?!?! Ok, sorry, I guess I was inspired by your rant there. :)

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment on my "kiss my ...., cancer" card, but I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. I would have some more words to share about cancer, but this is a family blog... :) Stay strong for your friend, and know I'm always here to agree with whatever you are feeling!

I do like Chris Bohjalian, so you'll have to tell me if the newest one is good.

Also, would you mind emailing me (you can use the form here: http://corgi-creations.blogspot.com/p/contact-me.html or PM me on Splitcoast (mtgchic)) with your snail mail address? I have something here that needs to find a home, and I think yours would be perfect. :)

Emily Keaton said...

Oooooooo! LOVE all the purples on that sweet Fluffles card. Warm and cozy, for sure!!

Ugh--I hear ya on the litter. Drives me bananas!! Isn't there a special circle of hell reserved for litterers?? Well, maybe Dante wasn't that forward-thinking. But I think we should amend that whole hierarchy!!

Shoot, did the dish fairy go out on strike again?? Darn! I hate when that happens!!! I hear that fudge brownies may be helpful in luring her in . . .

Theresa said...

Hi Jessi - totally love that image. I'm gonna have to get it so that I can make a card for my sis who loves to knit!! Your card is just too cute.

With my being sick...the dish fairy passing me by too...I finally broke down and just hired someone. They cleaned my whole house yesterday and I totally loved the splurge!!

Anonymous said...

This stamp is gorgeous and your card beautiful! So much fun!
I have a dishwasher... but I still have to pack and unpack it... must be a better system somewhere!

lisa arana said...

Heehee, super cute sweater on that frazzled fluffies. Love the great patterns. Have a great day Jessi and thanks for your sweet words today!

Jen W. said...

I love Fluffles too! Christmas wouldn't be the same without him. :) That patterned paper is perfect for him too.

I am with you totally on the litter rant. And I would have strangled that dad. Why bother opening his mouth at all?

If the dish washing fairy ever makes it to you house please point her in my direction when she's done with you!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi hi, this is fun!! Love that cat stamp!!
Hugs, Wendy