Wednesday, December 28, 2011

February Favourites

My card choice for February is a no-brainer - I love this card so much I want to marry it. Still!

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I have two books for February as well - it occurred to me to also note how many books I'm choosing from each month. In January I read 21 books total. In February I read 24, and my two favourites were




Emily Keaton said...

Such a sweetie of a card, Jessi! And you are such a voracious reader. When I'm ready for reading books again, I know where I'll start looking for suggestions!! Happy Wednesday, dear friend. :)

Theresa said...

I want to marry it to!! What a darling card. FABULOUS.

I am jealous...I'm lucky if I can read 1 book in 6 months let alone 20+. How do you find the time to read, make cards, and be a mommy? You are one super woman.

Have an awesome day!

Unknown said...

this was before my blogging days...i'm so happy you're doing this. i have to spend some quality time with your archives girl! gorgeous card!!!

Anonymous said...

Too too cute Jessi! I adore it too!

Meg said...

Where you even able to give this card away?!? I think I would still have it on my desk if I were you.

Yes, Left Neglected is on my list, too. I'm glad you're prereading all of these for me. :)