Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time for the year-end wrap ups!

One of the things I love about this time of year blog-wise is seeing what different people pick as their favourite creations. I plan to do that, and I also plan to blog about my favourite reads of the year, and I don`t plan to list them in any particular order. But first, I thought I`d share something about this year that I`m absurdly proud of...

My sister & I, April 2011

Me, December 2011
OK, I *am* absurdly proud of my sister, but what I was trying to show you was the 45 pounds I`ve lost since summer. Yes, there`s more to go, but I`m definitely happy with this as a start.
A few pictures from the holidays:
Quick, everybody DERP!

Gingerbread train building - Connor & Riley

more train building - Riley & Connor
The train building was quite the adventure. Usually we build a gingerbread house, but when I saw the train kit we HAD to have that! It was harder to keep upright, though, and of course it was missing details that the Thomas-obsessed auties couldn`t ignore (Why doesn`t it have a funnel...why isn`t there an engineer...can we tell the company that they forgot the smokestack...etc.) Connor tried to build a funnel from candy canes, and when the whole train collapsed for the 2nd or 3rd time, he declared that what they were actually building was a train wreck.
The wreck was much more fun to build.
And now for a couple of favourites: I`ll pick one post from each month of the year, I think. So January`s favourite:
Link to original post

Maybe I`ll do the books the same way...I keep track of my reading in a spreadsheet, so I can actually look up books by month that way. I`m just going to pick them by how much I remember enjoying them. January`s favourite read would be 
The Matter of Sylvie, by Lee Kvern 

closely followed by 
Front Cover 

See you tomorrow with February`s favourites!


Unknown said...

woohoo!!! good for you on 45lbs lost! you look great already...do you really need to lose more? i need to lose lots :S not easy, but will be so rewarding when it's done.

i love the idea of posting your fave projects from the last year...this card is a stunner! can't wait to see the rest :)

Theresa said...

It's so nice to put a face to a name and blog writing. Congrats on the 45lbs - I wish I had what I had 4 years ago when I dropped 60lbs. I'm so fat now I can't stand it, but obvisouly I don't mind since I'm not doing anything about it.

Great card too! I totally love your quilling.

Have a great one!!

Emily Keaton said...

Thanks for all the great photos, Jessi!! You look stunning. Wow--way to go!! You definitely *should* be proud of yourself. And I love that photo of you and your sister!

Looks like your boys had fun with the gingerbread train! We usually do a gingerbread house (or village) with the kids, too, and I even had a kit for this year, but we just ran out of time. That's OK, though. Trying to wedge it in would have been too much; deciding it was OK to skip it meant a much more relaxed and enjoyable holiday. The train wreck sounded fun!!

LOVE that quilling card!! Your quilling always amazes me. You are a goddess!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you for all your hard work 45lbs is awesome!! And the gingerbread train, that looks like pure fun! Thanks for sharing the photos.
ps Fantastic January card too!

Meg said...

45 pounds?!!? That is amazingly awesome! Way to go!!! You look great!

Hahaha, train wreck....

Ok, that is seriously the most awesome quilling/paper flower card ever.

lisa arana said...

Big congrats on the release of 45 pounds. You look so amazing!!! You should be proud!

Looking forward to all your faves.