Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just for fun - and a quick reminder!

Before I forget, if you've been meaning to link up to Flashback Friday 22.0 - your first project using a die-cut - you've got until Friday night. There's a fab prize up for grabs sponsored by Sylvia's Corner for a random participant, and with only 24 linked up so far....those odds are looking pretty good!

aaaaand, now for something completely different. Jen finally received the super-gross card that I made for her, so now I can blog about it too in case you feel the need to make your own super-gross Silence of the Lambs card! First of all, check out Jen's post HERE because she explains what led to the whole thing in the first place, and then come back (please? lol) and I'll tell you how it came to be!

OK, back? Here we go.

Supplies: lined paper from Basic Grey "Oxford;"
letter stamps from PSX;
Adirondack Salmon ink; Vintage Photo distress ink;
brown quilling paper; hemp twine; Offray ribbon

So, my first thought was to make the basket. At the time, there was also a challenge over at Little Red Wagon  to use weaving, so brilliant me wanted to weave the basket. As you'll notice, the card I made for that challenge was NOT this one! I wove a rectangular piece, with 1/8 inch quilling paper, covered the back with double-sided tape, and then used an oval Nestie to cut out the basket shape. All good so far.

What the heck do I use for a handle??

Many arghs were said, and eventually (after days of glaring at it sitting there on my desk) I tried twine. Meh. I tried ribbon. Meh. OMG BRILLIANT wind them together! 

So then, what kind of lotion did Buffalo Bill make his victims use? Oddly enough, if you google "Silence of the Lambs lotion" you WILL get video clips of the right spot in the movie. Huh. Even more oddly enough, no lotion company apparently wanted to have their brand associated with a serial killer. Go figure? The bottle was as generic as I've ever seen. It was hard to photograph, but I used an oval Nestie & then cut off the ends to approximate a bottle shape, and then for the cap I scored another piece of cardstock & rounded the corners.

And now for the really super gross part. The card sat on my desk for a couple of days, and I knew it 'needed' something else, but what? So I showed it to my husband, who said "What about the skin vest? That would be gross." OH YES, IT IS.

I sketched out a basic t-shirt shape on plain white paper, and used the scoring board and bone folder to break down the paper fibres. I kept going until the paper took on a sort of felty feel. Then I pressed the shirt right into the Salmon ink pad until it was completely covered. But, didn't the skin vest look all patched together? So I folded it in various spots, and used a brown pen to put stitches along those seams, and then dabbed some Fired Brick distress ink along the seams & the edges of the shirt for, well, ick, bloody bits. So the score board gave it a felty feel, but the further folding & adding ink? I don't even know how to describe how it feels, but it is just WRONG - everyone who touched it before I mailed it shuddered & shrank back. I'm alternately disturbed by that & pleased that it turned!

 And finally, I added the long length of twine to the basket handle since of course in the movie the basket needs to be lowered into a deep hole...and there you have it, quite definitely the most disgusting card I've ever made - but for that, also one of the most fun, simply because it was for fun!

And now, without further ado, we will be back to cute & cheerful & pretty things. Not a minute too soon, right?


Jen W. said...

Everyone I've showed this card to is either amazed or terrified. It's so so super awesome!!!

lostinpaper said...

This is incredible Jessi! I was super impressed when I saw Jen's blog today... you are one clever crafter and I adore your fab style!

walchowDesign said...

Incredible amount of work you put on this piece, Jessi! Definitely love the weaving bag and the handle matches so well with the bag!

Annette Allen said...

wow this is all that awesome detail...

Marie said...

OMG the extremes that bloggers will go to! This is over the top Gross. Can't even imagine the numerous hour you put into this. What a creative mind you have and what a super fantastic friend.

JJ Bolton said...

You guys crack me up! I asked Jen if there was a word for something that made you want to laugh and barf at the same time (larfing?).

You're a good friend my dear!

Lindsey said...

This card is absolutely barf-tastic!

Lisa Arana said...

OMG... you just made my husband say..."you have to make me that card for my friend Steve." Sooooo frickin' funny. I'm only going to tell you this because I was too afraid to put it on my blog. One year he asked me to make a G.Y.T card for the same friend. I don't know if you remember the commercials about G.Y.T (Get.Yourself.Tested) for STDS. Oh, the things we create. :)

fairyrocks said...

This has me laughing out loud Jessi. I had to read through to see what the $*^^& you were doing with that quote LOL
Well I would say you nailed it!!
or should that be skinned it...hmm
What a lot of work with the weaving and handle.
Thanks for pushing me outta my little box today!!
Keep smiling and creating