Thursday, July 5, 2012

Triple Threat Treat -SOS #58 - plus a feline SOS

This week's Shopping our Stash challenge is to use at least three items from the following list:

ribbon, flowers, lace, pearls, glimmer mists, punched elements or die cut elements, rhinestones, doilies (stamped will work, too), dry embossing or scoring -OR- use three of one type of embellishment.

So I dutifully wrote down this list, mulled it over, and then spilled something on it at some point and blurred out bits. I figured that was nature's way of narrowing it down for me...

Supplies: papers from Basic Grey "Out of Print;"
flower stamp from Stampin' Up;
Versamark & white EP;
Paper Smooches sentiment;
Tsukineko Pssst glimmer spray;
Worn Lipstick distress ink

The diamond pattern & polka dot layer are each adhered using a layer
of foam tape for dimension

It's hard to see, but I added the glimmer mist by painting it onto the flower & underneath
the cut edge of the diamond pattern paper. Super shimmery IRL, of course!
I had already made the card, using embossing (wet), and thought before photographing it I'd better check that I had 3 items off the actual non-blurry list...whoops! The glimmer mist was a last-minute choice, but using the paint brush to dab it on gave the crazy layering more definition & more sparkle is always a good thing in my opinion. So, the three things I ended up using from the list were: rhinestones, glimmer mist, and a flower. This challenge is open until Monday night, so you have lots of time to play.

Now for fun I've got some pictures from the last couple of days for you - first a few from my garden that I can't believe I took - they turned out really nice. Heck, I can't believe I haven't killed these peony bushes yet...

And next, pictures from bathing one of the cats. The first two cats just went into some sort of distant space, tuned out, and peed in the tub. This one, she was in hell, and she was bringing me with her:

Yep, actual bleeding and puncture wounds. Not to mention that she sunk her teeth not into just one, but both breasts...this was while I had her by the scruff, or so I thought. 
The adventures, they never end. The plumbers were back for the sewage again too, by the way. They're finishing up a big job before they get to us - at least this time I caught it backing up just before it spilled over. I definitely have poop PTSD. It's never going to be gone. 

Well, on that cheery note! lol


Linda W. said...

Hi Jess - I love your final outcome on that card - I had never thought of painting on my glittter glue - gotta go try that! Your kitty looks so soooooooo upset! I have 3 and they rarely get a bath cause of the puncture wounds just like you got. You got guts girl!

lostinpaper said...

Your card is amazing! I adore your glittery flower and the dimension of the panel, it's fab!
ps. I've still got a scar on my tummy from a 'cat bathing incident' I feel for you GF!

Debbie said...

I love this paper and the fun font of the sentiment!!
Wow! I love my cats, but I think if they treated me this way, they'd be taking a trip!! Don't tell the SPCA I said that!

yyam said...

Such a sweet card Jessi! Just love the sparkly bits on the embossed bloom! :)

Oh you poor thing. It looks painful :(...sending you some hugs!

walchowDesign said...

Sweet card, Jessi!

Ouch! That's looks painful and I hope it will heal quickly! The flower is so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful card! I often wondered what the result would be if my cat bathed ME! I'd be dead. She'd be shopping online with my paypal account. *sigh*

Dana said...

Whoa!! I love this card!! And the pattern paper!!! Great exuction!!! And the bathing photo!! Poor you!! :)

Leslie Hanna said...

I LOVE this card! Yep, everything about it! Especially the blurred list - that is soooo something I would do.

Thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!

And, um, unless you've bathed the cats since they were kittehs, why are you doing it now? Do you have a death wish?

fairyrocks said...

YIKES cat bites are dangerous. My BFF's husband got bitten {by their old house cat} and within hours was at the hospital with blood poisoning. Be careful!!
Wear Kevlar !!..Cats don't like water....OUCH!!

Lisa Arana said...

Um, maybe you should consider waterless shampoo for your cats. :) I hope you are healing. AND omg, what a horrible sewage problem. :(

LOVE your diamond patterned card. So fabulous.

Cheryl said...

I love this card! That's some of my favorite dp. On the other photos, your flower is unbelievably beautiful. I wish I could grow something besides weeds! But, did I read this actually bathe your cats? OMGosh, you are brave! I can't believe you are smiling after the obvious torture you put yourself through. You poor thing! Hope the plumbers get everything fixed soon!

kingstonmama said...

Oh my word. Beautiful card. Beautiful peony. Poor kitty and especially poor you. What a nightmare! Ann Y.

Jenny said...

You're one brave lady bathing cats !! He/she doesn't look to happy to be caught on camera either :0)
Gorgeous card, the colours are beautiful and I love the harlequin border too :0)
Hope you get the sewage problem sorted soon.... I bet you dream of poop free days!!!
Jenny x