Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ho Ho H2O!

I swear I would have been posting this a few hours ago, but for a misadventure with embossing, vellum, and my thumb. Swear.

The current (for another hour or so) challenge at jingle belles this time around is to use water - either a water-based technique, or an image incorporating water in some form. Being an overachiever I decided to get messy & flaky, and to get started 5 minutes before leaving to take the kids to the dentist. Timing is obviously my strong suit.

Here's my card, then I'll 'splain:
Supplies: Peacock Feathers, Broken China, Tumbled Glass distress inks; Versamark; Moonstone embossing powder; silver paint pen; stamps from Inkadinkado; Tattered Angels glimmer mist - Turquoise Blue

I used a super-heavy white cardstock - I have no idea what exactly it is as it was given to me, but it is very like watercolour paper in texture & finish. It's MUCH thicker, though, and seems about twice as thick as the 110 lb card I usually use. I wiped the three blue distress pads all over my paper, and then ran it under the tap, rubbing gently with my hand. I blotted it with a piece of copy paper after this step. Then I over-sprayed it with the glimmer mist - not just spritzing it, but actually letting the mist pool all over the paper. 

This is why I shouldn't start things right before leaving the house. My brain thought - 'oh, it'll dry while we're gone,' not 'oh, you'll cover your hands with blue right before leaving for the house with two kids who are anxious about having sealants put on their teeth, and a dog who is busy trying to jump into our pockets and go with.'

We made it there, and on time even. Who even knows how that happened?

Anyway, it WAS dry when we came back (and the kids were champs at the dentist - particularly Riley, who had 7 teeth sealed, but 9 sealants put on as the first two failed. I cut the paper down to size (I wanted a small white border on the base), stamped & embossed the sentiment, and then edged the panel with the silver paint pen. Then I decided to add the snowflake stamping over top - in Broken China - and then stuck the whole thing to the card base with foam tape.


It almost took longer to write about than it did to do. (If you don't count the whole vellum fiasco of the failed idea). And look at the super sparkle:

And there you go - haven't missed a jingle belles challenge yet, though this was a close one :)

For a quick funny, a picture of Maggie - if she fits, she sits. 

That's a lot of cat bulging out of that box!



lauren bergold said...

ok, that snortling noise you just heard... (betw a snort and chortle, obviously, whaddaya mean you've never heard that word??!?!) :) :) :) ...was me, o'course, laughing at the whole post, but especially at the bit with the, "stained blue hands just before leaving the house to impersonate a grown up" scenario, which i really thought i might be THE QUEEN OF, but i'm willing to share my crown with you, missus! a crown you have earned all for yourself is "meritorious completion of AWESOME CARD on a serious time deficit" which category you have ROCKED in a big biiiiig way! actually, in ANY time frame, this would be a seriously FAB card, just by virtue of the inky derring do AND the super-sparkly embossing! ♥LOVE♥ this one!!!

Chris Dring said...

It's hard to say which I enjoy more, your card or your post about it! Seriously laughing my butt off at the thought of you showing up at the dentist with blue fingers! LOL! You really nailed this challenge! Your card is fabulous! (Oh, and the fat cat wedged in the shoe box is pretty stinkin' cute!)

Darnell said...

I'm filing this one in my "Funniest Card Capers" file, Jessi! You are a nutter, but your card, considering you tried to drown it in water and mist, is a sparkly delight!! Well done! (We have the fingers of arteests!)

And, excuse me, if Maggie is anything like me, she thinks she is a tiny thing and there is tons of room to spare in that box!! Ssshh.

Leslie Hanna said...

You ran this under the faucet??! I think that is some SERIOUS interpretation of the water theme.

And I wear my blue hands proudly. I just say, "Pfft, what, you've never seen ink?" and move on.

Unknown said...

beautiful card Jess! fab that you're making all the JB challenges so far too, you'll be laughing at the rest of us freaking out in november ;) even though you'll likely still have blue hands :D

bravo Riley!

atta girl maggie!

Lisa Arana said...

lol... we had a cat who was 20 lbs and thought he could 'fit' anywhere. Silly kitties.

Even though you may have Smurfed yourself making that paper, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! It makes the card and the embossing was the perfect texture addition.

~amy~ said...

LOL....your card is marvelous!!!!!

Lindsey said...

Got an order from SU yesterday, or as I said to my cat, "Look! I bought you a box." :D
Awesome background and embossing on this one, Jessi! Hope the melted vellum comes off your thumb soon. ;)

jimlynn said...

Even after blue hands and all, the card turned out gorgeous!!! LOVE the sparkle on there!
You kitty really found a cozy spot!!

SmilynStef said...

If it's any consolation, I had sealant put on my teeth at their age and it's still there doing its job ... love that fabulous blue inky background and the sparkle of the silver is fantastic ... always happy when you join us at jingle belles.

lostinpaper said...

You're so funny Jessi, how's the thumb (she says through the giggles)? And look at you go GF, Xmas cards too. You are TOO Amazing.

Glenda J said...

Great story! Glad you made it to the dentist in time. I can sympathize on the timing thing. Great card! Love the background and the super silvery sentiment!

kingstonmama said...

So glad to be catching up on your blog, Jessi. Fab card. Love the sparkle! :) ann

yyam said...

I love the sparkly finish on your card! :)

P/s: She looks so comfy in the shoebox!

Emily Keaton said...

Just got up from the floor after rolling around and laughing, Jessi! Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks I can fit something into a time slot that normally wouldn't even come close. Kudos to your boys for being champs at the dentist! By the way, your pretty and sparkly card is fabulous!

Dawn said...

Haha - life might get boring if we didn't have a clock to race with :) Your card turned out beautifully!


Debbie said...

Your card is gorgeous!!
I do love to read your tales of life!! :)