Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, that was a bust!

Ha! I must have done something wrong, because my pre-post was a no-post, even though everything seemed to be filled out correctly. Better luck with this one...we hope...
Hmm, so what to say today? The kids had a doctor's appointment yesterday - the doctor we have now is a complete tool. You would think that in a doctor's office, the DOCTOR would be least likely to stare at your autistic child tic-ing (how would you spell that, anyhow...ticking? doesn't seem right), but this guy just gaped at Riley like he had a second head. Plus, he has some sort of inability to converse with the kids, even with something as basic as Riley asking to go first. Now, you'd think, knowing my kids, that Riley would be able to wait, but no. He has always gone first at the doctor, and for some reason this guy keeps picking Connor first, and is unable to switch, even though all he does is check weight, blood pressure, listen to their chests. Doesn't seem like it would be important who went first, right? Ugh. Anyhow, everyone is healthy, and everyone's weight is headed in the right direction. Connor is up to 86 pounds, and Riley went down to 105. It's very hard to know what to say to Riley - Rob & I have to lose weight, and I am actively trying to, but Riley just needs to maintain where he's at, more or less. He was so excited to have lost 5 pounds that I'm worried about what message we're sending, even though I continually stress that what we all need to do is eat properly and exercise, and our bodies will naturally be the size they are supposed to be. Everyone is different, right? But when he's reading food labels and asking me if he should not eat bread because it has some fat in it....anyway, it's an ongoing issue.
Supplies: Papers all from Cosmo Cricket, Material Girl;
Flowers from Bo Bunny; button and letter stickers Basic Grey;
lace, ribbon, and embroidery floss from my crafty stash

This paper from Cosmo Cricket, Material Girl, is filled with so many awesome crafty patterns, and I drooled over it everywhere I saw it online for months before buying it. I bought it in May, and have made I think 3 cards. Every time I sit down to work with it, I just don't have any ideas that I like. I found the pattern for this sweet little dress with apron on a blog that I follow, called Fairy Blossoms and Life, by Alex Maldonado. She shared it in PDF format, which, if you print at the 'multiple pages per page' setting works out to be the perfect size for a card.
Off to make some apple granola crisp - I can't for the life of me remember where I got the recipe from, but if it's good I'll share it. It's got coconut, so I don't see how it could possibly fail :)

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