Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Piece of Heaven

Supplies: recycled card (moon & bear, cloud background);
rub-ons (green & blue stars, 'sweet baby') Daisy D's;
vellum quote (heaven) DCWV; mauve & mint cardstock
This was the very last of these sweet baby bear cards I had from a package I bought on clearance years ago. The moon is covered in glitter, and the little bear & duck look so cute snuggling up together.... The bear/moon piece is cut out & popped up on foam tape for dimension. The star is cut out as well, and carefully glued to a piece of bamboo thread so that when the card is standing, the star sways. The cloud background is from the back of the original card, and the vellum quote is free-hand cut into a cloud-ish shape to go along with the sky theme.
Things around here are fairly quiet - for now! Halloween was a lot more fun than last year, mainly because last year Riley had a fever, and both Connor & I came down with the same thing immediately afterward. We made it all the way down to the school, and even an extra block over, and they made out like bandits - 3 reusable shopping bags full of all kinds of goodies. I think what impressed them most was that by going down towards the school, they ran into some of their classmates out trick-or-treating. Usually we are among the first to go out, and so they only see their friends when they come by our house.
Sarah diligently pointed out that I have been a big slacker in terms of posting, so I am going to schedule a bunch of posts right now so hopefully there should be something to look at most of the week!

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