Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Go fly a kite!

Supplies: All papers from My Mind's Eye Lime Twist;
bamboo thread for kite string; brads from Basic Grey;
sentiment from The Cat's Pajamas; Palette Noir ink

That's where my cranky-pants self should go. What a long week - so far: Monday morning, field day at school; Monday afternoon bike across town (5 km) to see child psychiatrist; Tuesday all day to Joggins (35 minute drive on the bus) with Grade 5 field trip; Tuesday evening find out everyone is canceling for my one grown-up day today; Wednesday morning dentist; Wednesday afternoon sadly no grown-up time, sorely needed; Wednesday shortly kids' appointment with the always-running-late family doctor at 5:45 - too early to eat first, too late to eat after; tomorrow all day at the middle school; Friday the now-rescheduled Grade 6 celebration/graduation since someone forgot to CHECK THE DANG SCHEDULE and originally had it for the same day as the high school graduation, which means that the few people Connor had invited are now probably not going to be able to make it here on short notice. They only just noticed the conflict yesterday & seriously, three days is not a lot of time and Friday is not the kind of day people want to spend watching this...but it's so important to Connor.

Ugh, even talking about it is making me cranky. Geez. It totally feels like it should be Friday already. 

About the card - I knew I wanted to imitate the kites on the patterned paper, so I freehanded half a kite on some scrap paper (like we used to make hearts in elementary school! or now, if you're me...) and cut it into 4 pieces, and then traced those 4 pieces onto different patterns. Each piece is popped up on foam tape for the card, slightly apart to mimic the frame of a kite. If I say so myself, I really like how it turned out.

And, on a bright note, I hadn't been to the dentist in 12 years. Various reasons, mostly just complacency. Yet, I still remain the only adult I know with no cavities yet. Yay, me. Apparently my teeth were also quite clean for 12 years since a proper cleaning, so also yay me. Not waiting that long again, though - even though my mouth hurts now, my teeth feel awesome. 



Anonymous said...

Love your wonderful bright kite, especially those brads on the string... how clever! Glad you made it through the week!

Els said...

What a fabulous card!!! Love the design and your choice of patterned papers!
Hope ypur week had a turn for the good after all :)