Thursday, June 16, 2011

Indulge me in a little Sophie-love

So, finally getting around to photographing the newest baby blanket...and instead I ended up with a little glamour session with Sophie. All these photographs are taken in about 2 minutes - as soon as the camera 'recovered' I took the next one. Sophie is the queen of seat-stealing. She has perfected the art of the "instant deep sleep."   
Ooh, what's that?

What? I've been asleep for ages!
And that was where her little nap escapade came to an end. Probably not a very good way to showcase the blanket, but you can make out the details of it...and really, isn't Sophie cuter than the blanket anyway?



Emily Keaton said...

What a fun series of photos!! Awesome blanket and cute kitty. :D

Anonymous said...

Sophie is *gorgeous*... but she knows that! It's all about her, that's why you made the beautiful baby blanket, she just wanted a bit of blog fame!