Monday, January 2, 2012

August...running out of titles...

I only blogged 8 times in August?! Strange! It does make sense, because we got Abby the Wonder Dorg at the beginning of the month, and adjusting to life with a non-cat took some time, and so did soaking up as much sunshine as possible. That made it very easy to pick my favourite card of the month, though:

Original post here, with supplies & creation story
I'm pretty sure there's still black ink splotches in my kitchen from THIS adventure.

Nineteen books read in August, and several stood out looking back:

Book CoverBefore I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson (seriously, seriously creepy. Seriously.)

RunState of Wonder by Ann Patchett (another favourite author)

I've been lucky to read so many good books this year - hopefully some of these are piquing your curiosity as well!



Meg said...

Yeah! I'm glad you enjoyed Big Girl Small; I did, too, as well as Before I Go to Sleep. Looks like State of Wonder will finally be moved over from the "maybe" list to the "to-read" list.

And of course I love any card that involves a reference to Ren & Stimpy.

Anonymous said...

Another fab card, I can remember this one!

Emily Keaton said...

August was a light blogging month for me, too (of course, being on the road for 31 days may have had something to do with that!). Love this card!!

lisa arana said...

I think we all take a light break in the summer. And puppies are just like babies... they take a lot of time. Lovely pick for August.

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