Monday, January 2, 2012


Looking through September's projects I found quite a few favourites...and then I saw this:
Original post here, with supplies
And when you see what Rob found for me for my birthday (and finally, the hat arrived after Christmas) you'll see why I had to pick this one: 

They're too awesome. The mittens are super warm, and they double as hand puppets. Awe. some. ness. 

If you're just now getting around to thinking about your favourite cards of the last year, Stephanie's round-up at Ingenious Inkling is still open until January 10th, so you have loads of time to join in.

Books for September...there were only 13, and I've looked through the list a few times & not sure I really recommend any of them as must-reads. Almost every one was part of a mystery series, series that I'd recommend as a whole, but not necessarily the individual books, if you know what I mean. That includes the latest Temperance Brennan book by Kathy Reichs - a series I normally love, but not so much this one.

Flash and BonesFlash and Bones by Kathy Reichs (and I love the TV series, or, at least, I did as soon as I accepted it as its own 'thing' and not a by-the-book adaptation!)

and how about
 The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews I love this series that combines humor, crafts, and mystery. Her Turing books are even better, imho, but again, this particular book wasn't my favourite.

I haven't made many things in the past couple of weeks, but I do hope to spend some time at my desk once the boys head back to school on Tuesday.


Jenny said...

Hi Jessi,
Happy New Year to you and your troop :)
Just been looking through your round up of last years cards and I missed some great work:)
Love the cookie monster gear and card...we don't see enough of Sesame Street over here!!
Jenny x

Unknown said...

omg i LOVE cookie monster!!! this card is amazing and your hubs is some smart to find these for you...the hat is adorable :)

Allison Rankin said...

How fun! My Ave would love this! And the mitts and hat? Ha! We just found a Cookie Monster hat that we might pick up (gotta reign in some of the "silly spending" now that tax season is upon us!). Have a good one!

Emily Keaton said...

I've ALWAYS loved Grover (had a stuffed Super Grover when I was growing up!)!! Perfect pick for September. Such a fun card!

Theresa said...

I love grover and those slippers are awesome. I love the card too!! See I could never give that card away.

lisa arana said...

Too perfect!!!