Monday, November 22, 2010

Do you ever get the feeling...

...that you're waiting for the other shoe to drop? Sigh.

First, I should start off by saying that Midnight Madness was a success, and as usual, a lot of fun. It feels like a long night by about 11:30, and since the market is only 3 hours long, a 6 hour sale really is a long time. The set up was a little different, and I had a different location for the first time since Cathy started hosting these sales, but I was squished in with some great people. I was super happy to be away from the doorway, which every year I somehow would manage to forget meant I'd be fixing things that had blown over all night long.

Supplies: Papers from Imaginisce; green layer embossed with Cuttlebug folder;
Santa stamp from Inkadinkado; red fun flock from Stampendous!;
huge snowflake from Spellbinders die; rhinestones from Dollarama

Now for the shoe! Last week Connor had a massive allergic reaction to something. Tuesday he started with a few hives, and I just kept an eye on it. By Wednesday after school the rash was huge and his eyes started swelling & off to the ER we went. The doctor gave him prednisone & benadryl, which seems to have stopped the reaction. Today is the last day for medication, so we'll see if it reoccurs when we stop. A referral is in for an allergist to do a complete allergy screening. I do not anticipate that being a pleasant experience. At all. We have a few other health issues circling around here too, and as a result between 3 of us, we had 5 appointments last week.

Supplies: Papers from Imaginisce; snowman & frogs digital stamp from Pink Cat Studio;
red and white (on scarf) fun flock from Stampendous!; rhinestones & googly eyes from Dollarama;
"Merry Always" sentiment from Hero Arts; flatback gift buttons from Dress it Up!

This isn't really such a big deal, considering, but more of a straw/camel's back sort of deal, but the washer just died. Again. We bought it in 2008, a front-load Kenmore, for about $700. Then in the spring of 2010 we spent another $400 on it when the brace holding up the bucket broke. That's not including the extra $100 we spent on a used washer to see us through the month we spent waiting for the replacement part to come in. Plus, I was in the middle of doing laundry! So now I have a soaking wet, stinky load waiting, and I can't get the water hoses undone so that I can switch the washers around. For once, I guess it's a good thing that we never throw anything away around here, as we still have that used washer. Knock on wood that whatever this problem is, it is easily fixed, and the last mechanical one for a while.

I think I need a nap! lol

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