Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainbow cards!

I haven't posted anything for the 30 Days of Creativity in a while...I haven't forgotten, just keep getting sidetracked with life piling up around me. But today I have a two-fer!

Day 12: Look at a child.  See how connected they are to their creative self?  Pretend you are a child and make something.

Day 14: Make something to give away.  Send a card to a friend or make a little gift for someone you care about.

Anyone who knows Connor, knows his love of rainbows. He colours nearly every picture with rainbow stripes - or at least uses the entire rainbow in each picture. One wall of his bedroom is painted with vertical rainbow stripes, just like he colours. He wears a rainbow striped scarf, and a matching hat until he outgrew it. He LOVES rainbows. One of the aides at his school calls him Mr. Rainbow. His fifth grade teacher was at the school to cover a maternity leave, and today is her last day. This is very sad, as she's excellent - I really wish there were some way to at least let her finish out the year so that there wouldn't be such a disruption for the students.

At any rate, of course we had to make her something! So, since the gift is from Connor, it may as well be inspired by him as well. He picked butterflies for the theme, and so armed with the idea of rainbows & butterflies here's what I came up with:

A rainbow of notecards...

...tucked inside a handmade box

My favourite.

Supplies: Good grief, I'm not listing them all! The flowers are from Recollections;
the butterfly die-cuts are Spellbinders;
the paper is from Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, K & Co, and Making Memories.
Connor brought this up to her this morning, and she took a picture with him & thanked him. I don't imagine her class is going to get an awful lot done today...and boy, are we ever going to miss Miss Lewis.

As an aside, I was thinking I might do up some similar themed packs for the market...I know I like to give packages of thank you cards when I go to a shower, and maybe I'm not the only one who thinks it makes a nice gift. As with most things, it might have to wait until I have the time. Hah! I'm almost done with 4 crafty kits, and that took me probably 4 hours yesterday with all the cutting & folding & sorting. Good thing I had several episodes of House, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, and Private Practice to catch up on. Now I'm down to one each of the last three.

Batten down the hatches - it's supposed to be pretty messy out there tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow morning everyone will be cleaned up & ready to come out to the market. The winter months get pretty lonely there!


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Locavore Family said...

Those are so lovely! They'd make perfect packages of note cards. I always like having blank note cards around. Great idea. I'll keep my eyes peeled for them.

Stay warm!