Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Love

Supplies: Papers from Basic Grey "Origins;"
standard oval Nesties;
sentiment stamp from Cloud 9 Designs; stamped with Palette Noir;
flowers quilled by me

Supplies: Papers from AC "Abode;"
standard oval Nesties;
sentiment stamp from Cloud 9 Designs;
stamped with Palette Noir;
yellow buttons from stash; white heart & bear buttons from Dress it Up!
Sometimes autism really sucks.

Connor's asthma has been bad, right? And we went to the doctor, but of course Connor can't really describe how his breathing feels, and I blithely assumed that coughing without sneezing, etc, was asthmatic. I didn't insist that the doctor listen to his lungs, just took the new medicine & went on our way. The new medicine didn't really help, and Connor seemed to be getting worse. So, when DH took him for the follow-up appointment, I said "Make sure he listens to his lungs this time!" And guess what? The child has had bronchitis for well over a month  (judging from when symptoms started). He was up all night coughing Friday, and by Saturday he developed a fever, and so ended up in the emergency room for antibiotics.

So, I feel horribly guilty, although really I know sh** happens, and he will be fine. Ugh.

Riley, on the other hand, wants desperately to be funny. He tells jokes (horrible, anti-joke chicken kind of jokes...

They aren't even close to being funny. So, Thursday, I'm in a crummy mood, and we're walking to school for Karaoke Night (seriously, one of SIX fundraisers for the school in less than a week. OMG.) when Riley turns around and PUNCHES ME IN THE FACE. Because he wanted to play a prank and cheer me up.

I know it's not personal, but it's so hard to remember that sometimes - like, for example, when your 110 lb, nearly 5 foot tall 11 year old punches you in the nose for a joke. Sigh.

So, anyhow...Connor and I are here for the day. Sarah & Andrew wanted to go to Hopewell Rocks today, and so Riley's gone with them, and DH has gone to work. It should be a quiet one - at least I don't expect to get hit in the face :)


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