Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Bee Day!

*Edited to add: Since Blogger's commenting woes seem to be continuing, I have changed my comment setting to a pop-up page. If it is still prompting you to sign in, I have had success on other blogs commenting as Anonymous. You can always leave your blog link in the body of the comment :) I would love to come visit!

Like most crafters, I think, it's pretty rare for me to buy more than one of the same paper pad. I've done it twice with Basic Grey - Urban Prairie and Archaic. I would buy a third Urban Prairie if I could find it. I loved every single pattern. Here is almost the very last of it:
Supplies: Papers from Basic Grey "Urban Prairie;"
Letter stickers from Basic Grey;
bee stamp from Inkadinkado;
bling from the dollar store;
Sakura Stardust pen for the wings
Not being able to comment on most of the blogs I visit is driving me a little crazy. At least it looks like I shouldn't take it personally, since I've seen a few other bloggers mention it, but *sigh.* When I have time to go around & comment, it just sucks to not be able to do it. Plus, really, who wants to just blather away and not get feedback? Boo, hiss.

Yesterday on the way to get the kids from school, I found a sad little thing on the sidewalk. I almost went past it, thinking it was a plastic candy package or toy, and then I took a closer look:

OK, the formatting is driving me crazy. I give up. Anyway, it's a robin's egg. Lately I haven't seen the blue jays that appeared to be nesting beside the house, but I have seen robins. I don't want to get close for fear of scaring them off. The robins have been around so much that I assumed they had a nest, and it looks like they did. I just hope they still do, and that only this one sad little egg was lost. It was impossible for me to photograph with my limited skills, but it appears that either this egg was a dud, or was only recently laid, because the yolk is still proportionally large, and otherwise the egg was empty. The kids were quite upset about it - I suppose all my warnings about staying away from the side of the house really sunk in. Riley is convinced it was a burglar who should go to jail, and Connor wanted to get some "egg tape" and a warm light to fix the baby.

While I had the camera out to photograph the egg, I took some pictures of the latest baby blanket. It was done in six panels/strips, and then sewn together. I really like the patchwork effect! It took for.e.ver to stitch it together - my least favourite part. You're so close to finishing that you keep at it, but it still takes a long time. I generally whipstitch through each pair of crochet stitches, so that there are as few gaps as possible. 

Close-up of the pattern

For those of you keeping track, this is post 143...I'm already working on post 150 for blog candy, though of course I'll have to delay that if commenting isn't back up & running properly by then. Fingers crossed...and as a heads up, I plan to enter comments from more than just the blog candy post itself. It seems to me that frequent commenters earn more than a single chance ;) 

Killing time before going to the doctor...still trying not to freak out. Hah! That's not going so smoothly :)



Emily Keaton said...

What a lovely card! I *so* wish that I'd been able to get my hands on some Urban Prairie when it first came out. That's the collection that first drew my attention to BasicGrey. I've loved every single thing I've ever seen made with it!! Maybe they'll bring it back as a "best of" someday?? I suppose we can hope.

The Blogger issues totally stink, right?? I wasn't able to sign in to Blogger at all for the past two days (no commenting, no access to my Dashboard, no way to edit posts, and certainly no ability to make new posts). Finally fixed it this morning by deleting my Blogger cookies. Everything's back to normal now! It's about time . . .

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, Jessi, your card is gorgeous and I'm drooling over the papers!

That is so sad about the robin's egg. It's so sweet to hear how sympathetic your kids were. The quilt is gorgeous, too. Knitting and crocheting are two things I haven't learned yet but would love to someday, even if it's to make little embellishments for my cards! ;)

JJ Bolton said...

Your card and blanket are adorable!

And awwww about the egg! Egg tape, what a sweetheart.