Friday, October 28, 2011

A Jolly Hallowe'en!

Supplies: papers from Kaisercraft "Chapter One;"
graphic poster from The Graphics Fairy;
skully flowers from Prima; brad from Basic Grey;
ribbon, felt cat, orange gems from $store
I'm having lots of fun editing with Picasa - close-ups especially.

look at the shimmer on that paper!
For a brief second there {shakes head} I almost wrote about what I bought my Mom for her Christmas present....duh. Hi Mom! That was a close one.

If you're local, think about heading over to the Sackville Curling Club Saturday to check out the annual Christmas Craft Fair. That's where I picked up the afore-UNmentioned gem. It runs from 10-4, so you'll have time to go after you come visit me at the Farmer's Market. (Naturally!)

Finger update: yuck. Ouch. More yuck. No more pictures, though. Even I can't bear to look at it.

Abby update: Got her a sweet pink bone-patterned plush coat. Photos to come! Also, gave her a ball with a squeaker in it, and the first 5 or 6 times she made it squeak it scared her into dropping it. 

Plumbing update: spent about 3 hours today helping Rob unplug the an 8 foot auger snake wasn't up to the Herculean task, so we ended up having to take the entire toilet apart. If I never see that much {ahem} in one place ever again, it will still be too soon. Also, I don't think I'm ever going to get the bathroom to smell right again. {shudder}



Emily Keaton said...

This is really cute, Jessi! Love that vintage image. Sparkly felt cat? Brilliant!! Oh, and speaking of cats and brilliant--brilliant save on not letting the cat out of the bag re: your mom's Christmas present!!! Plumbing issues suck. Wishing you luck with the clean up. Blech.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful 'vintagy' card! I am loving that shimmery black cat & the green shiny swirls too!

lisa arana said...

Oh so jolly and love the vintage feel.

Emily Leiphart said...

Your toilet troubles certainly don't sound good but I do love your card! That little girl as a witch is adorable and that paper is gorgeous.

Jen W. said...

Love the vintage image on this card and the little cat in the bottom corner is the perfect touch!

Wish I could come and check out all the fabulous markets out where you are! One day maybe...

Hilarious about Abby with her squeaky toy! Atticus likes to disembowel anything with a squeaker and then walk around with just the squeaker in his mouth squeaking when he thinks you aren't looking!

Sorry about the toilet event... Hope it's a while before you have to do that again!!

walchowDesign said...

Sorry to hear about your "plugged" toilet and hope it will be resolved soon! Talking about toilet, my toilet has been "running" for weeks and got it repaired but still running! I think it's qualified as a "marathon runner" now!!

Joan B said...

this is beautiful. thanks for your comment!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Sorry to be laughing about your potty. You're not alone...we have a washing machine completely torn apart (hubby thought he could fix it), and I can't get over how smelly it is (although probably not the same smell you have--LOL!). Your card is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing the the shimmer!

Scottie said...

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