Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You make me so happy...

Supplies: Papers from Basic Grey "Max & Whiskers;"
sentiment & puppy stamp from Inkadinkado;
Brads from Making Memories;
Palette Noir ink
"You make me so happy I could wag my tail."

Isn't that a great sentiment? Not many things look happier than a dog wagging its tail. Abby occasionally wags hers so hard that she ends up waggling her whole rear & falling over. As you might have guessed, what I am expressing thankfulness for today is my pets.

gratuitous mitten  shot :)

I think an important element of gratitude is to remember the small things, the little pieces of life that make it worth living. Obviously I'm grateful for the big stuff, but it feels nice to remember how many things come together to be part of my life and give me joy. 


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lisa arana said...

Aw, I think my tail wagged a little. Too cute!

Jingle said...

Very cute card and cute pet photos, too!

Emily Keaton said...

What a fun card and a great collection of furry creatures! You do, indeed, have much to be thankful for, Jessi!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your furry family, they all look soooo content! Oh, fantastic card too! The image on the orange background really pops!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Are you sick of me yet? I love the photos of the fur kids, and I love that sentiment! What a super cute card! I think my cat went over to your house and had her picture taken as Gertie. It's uncanny!

Jen W. said...

I love your card! That MAx and Whiskers paper is awesome! And your kids are gorgeous! I miss having cats around - my last two both met untimely ends and I haven't had another since. And after the recent chicken episode I'm not sure if it would be a good idea... I'll have to live gratuitously through your trio! :)

Meg said...

A doggy card!! How adorable!

Addison doesn't have a tail to wag so instead she wags her nubbin, but she does do the whole backend thing, too (mostly when "mommmy" comes home).

I'm thankful for my pet, too, as well as bloggers who post pictures of their pets, especially when those pictures include one of their dog looking like she's from the old country.

Emily Leiphart said...

Squee! Is that the most adorable card and photos of your fur babies or what? I love them!

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

Oh My!!! The sweetest pictures and your card is sooo adorable too!