Monday, October 3, 2011

A week of Thanks

A while back, Susan at Simplicity wrote a post about being grateful, and it resonated with me. And then, it got all official-like ;) Canadian Thanksgiving is a week from today, and I'd like to take this week to feature thanks of all kinds. First up, a Thanksgiving card:

Supplies: Papers & brads from Basic Grey "Indian Summer;"
graphic from The Graphics Fairy, printed twice & the bloom popped up;
leaf button from Dress it Up!;
Tonic edge distresser; Old Paper and Bundled Sage distress ink
I'm thankful that, this year, both of my children will actually be willing to partake in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It will be the first year that I've cooked a whole bird in what feels like forever, because with autism, it's common to have many sensory issues around food. We spent many years adapting what we all ate because really, who wants to cook 3 different meals for supper? Connor still doesn't like gravy, but I can deal with that. There have been holidays when we've just had hot dogs, because that's what the kids would eat. And beyond being grateful that they WILL eat a traditional meal, I'm grateful that we all can eat a traditional meal, and that all of us understand how lucky we are.

What are you feeling thankful for today?


Jingle said...

This is very pretty!

JJ Bolton said...

Great card and great post Jessi! It really sounds like this Thanksgiving is going to be extra special:) Enjoy it!

Susan Raihala said...

What a beautiful card...beautifully colored, too! And congrats on the Thanskgiving feast this year. Our Jack only eats mac and cheese and cheese dogs for dinner, but those are easy enough to to make. One day, he'll eat that feast, but last year a pea-size piece of turkey made him gag. Baby steps!

So glad you're taking the gratitude challenge to heart!

lisa arana said...

Gorgeous card!

Emily Keaton said...

Jessi, that card has so much vintage flair. It's overflowing with gorgeousness! Sounds like you will be having a traditional Thanksgiving meal to cherish this year. Yay for you!!

I am thankful for lots today: that we are all healthy, that the kids have adjusted so well to school this year, that we'll be meeting my folks in the middle (they're in Ohio, we're in Massachusetts; so halfway is around the Finger Lakes region of NY state) for Thanksgiving this year, that my hubby is such a kind and understanding person (he's my bestest friend!), that I have a hobby I enjoy, that I have a collection of wonderful friends. Yup, I myself may be overflowing today. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your post Jessi! It is nice to take time to be grateful... we get so busy we just forget sometimes. Have a fab Thanksgiving dinner!
ps your card is amazing!

Wendy ten Hove said...

What a gorgeous flower you have here on this card! Love the coloring there and the background paper is just perfect with it! Very pretty!
Hugs, Wendy

Jocelyn Olson said...

Beautiful, Jessi! I love how you popped up the flower. Glad you'll be able to have a traditional T-Day meal. My oldest brother had a very severe poultry allergy so we never ate turkey for T-Day when I was's nice to have it now!

Meg said...

Beautiful card, Jessi! Love the vintage feel of that printable paired with your distressing.

I'm so glad you're going to be able to have a full family meal this year! That's going to be such a special treat for you! (although I'm with Conner on the gravy...who wants wet meat? and OMG what if the gravy touched the bread and then you would have WET BREAD which is just WRONG.)

I'm feeling thankful for those few students that make me feel like I can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again!

Emily Leiphart said...

This is gorgeous! Your colouring is amazing.