Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, I messed up. I read my appointment time at the diabetes clinic wrong, (as in, 1 pm, instead of the correct 11 am) and volunteered to go on a field trip with Riley's class. I called to reschedule the appointment, and not only can I not get one shortly, I CAN'T EVEN BOOK IT! The appointment schedule is so booked up, I can't even make an appointment until mid-October. How can you run an office that way? The poor receptionist told me that I should try calling mid-October, and that they'd be able to tell me then when I could book. Not that I can make the appointment then, but that they can tell me when they'll be taking bookings. Like it's a freaking cruise, not a doctor's office. I can't wait for them to suggest I'm being noncompliant with my appointments when apparently it's harder to get into than, I don't know? Fort Knox? Ridiculous.

{rant over. Thank you.}

Supplies: All papers Basic Grey, "Origins"
rub-on pears from Royal Langnickel; sentiment handwritten
Corny, but I love this card anyway.

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