Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auntie Sarah rocks!

...but then, she knows that already! This morning, about 15 minutes before we had to leave for school, the mailman arrived with a parcel from Auntie Sarah. Does anyone care that we need those 15 minutes to finish getting ready? Nope, me included. We had to bust that sucker open pronto....and what do we find, but BUBBLE WRAP!!! And does it matter to the kids that there are other things in the box? Nope. It was all I could do to tear it away from them in time to bike to school - I'm not even sure if Connor brushed his teeth, and as it was we skidded up after more than half the lines were inside already. Totally worth it, though, to see such excited faces first thing in the morning.

On a side note, my legs are killing me! We biked across town all summer, and yeah, it hurt, but in a productive kind of way, you know? Like, my legs were acknowledging that those muscles needed to get back in shape. Biking with the kids to school is just killing me, though. It's maybe a quarter of the distance, and by the time I get back home I'm nearly in tears from how much my legs hurt. That can't be right. I think it might be connected to an increase in the amount of Crestor I'm taking, so hopefully on the 24th I can figure that out at my next appointment. Seriously, I know I am plump, but this is ridiculous. My asthma has been kicking my butt also - so I'm a wheezy pained lump on a bike. I don't even need a bell - pedestrians can hear me gasping for breath a block behind them!

Alright, cards. I scanned a whole bunch yesterday, but was trying to multitask and have a phone conversation at the same time, so ended up having to delete a whole bunch for fuzziness. You can "enhance" all you want, but it is not going to turn a blur into a card.
Supplies: All patterned papers from Basic Grey "Sugar Rush"
Stamps from The Cat's Pajamas, Martha Stewart markers to colour;
sentiment flag cut freehand
Supplies: All papers & buttons from Basic Grey;
Stamps from the Cat's Pajamas (LOVE these penguins!!!)
Fun flock on the penguin bellies from Stampendous.
I'm not particularly pleased with how the second scan turned out - there's a bit of a glare - but I added the Cat's Pajamas blinkie last week & I wanted to get some cards with their images up. Some construction details: on the first card, I paper-pieced the cakes by stamping a second time on different papers, then cutting them out & adhering over the main image. The cake stands were coloured, and then I used matching markers to shade with dots. That was definitely fun & I love how it turned out. On the second card, the buttons are all stitched on with embroidery floss, the penguins' bellies are all furry with Fun Flock (wouldn't you like to pet a penguin's belly? I wonder if they'd like it?), and I used some watercolour paint to put a little grass underneath them. Because, you know, there's lots of grass in Antarctica. {d'oh} Oh well, we have to suspend some disbelief for the party hats to fit on their little heads, I guess grass is OK.


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