Monday, September 27, 2010

Fingers crossed...

...but whatever I've been trying seems to be helping the cold stay mild. Knock on wood, toes & fingers crossed, etc, and so on. Today's supposed to be the last nice day this week - the entire forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain. Rob ordered rain coats for those of us who are biking every day, but they won't arrive until late this week at the very earliest. And, tomorrow is picture day - here's hoping the boys manage to stay clean & dry until their turn comes around! I hate getting the photo proofs back with big smudges of lunch on their faces (or spilled down their shirts...)
Supplies: papers Basic Grey "Capella;"
rhinestone swirls & brad  from dollar store;
rub-on from KaiserCraft; plain flowers from dollar store;
Colorbox chalk ink & copper embossing powder
Another hard-to-capture card - if I weren't so keen on shiny, sparkly stuff a) my house would be cleaner - it shines, but not in the "right" way! and b) maybe my cards would be easier to get an image of. The flowers here were great fun to play with - they began life as plain Jane cream-coloured flowers in 3 shapes and sizes. I smooshed them all over with brown ink, then sprinkled them with copper embossing powder. Each flower took 4 applications to get coverage I was happy with - the powder has to be heated, and if you don't hold it steady, bye-bye flower. This made for uneven layers of the metallic finish, but trust me, it looks very cool in real life. (I bet that gets said a lot on the Internets, lol).
Happy Monday! (don't say THAT one a lot!)

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