Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shopping our Stash #223 - I Can See Clearly

I'm not going to link the video but I *am* going to say woohoo earworm! 

We want to see you use acetate this week at Shopping our Stash - make a clear card, a shaker card, use those hoarded acetate die cuts (don't try to hide it, we all have them! lol)

I found some ancient Halloween-themed confetti in my stash - and realized why I'd become disenchanted with shaker cards. Sequins and beads will actually SHAKE, this confetti becomes a static monster. Oh well, it's Halloween, sposed-ta be monsters about.

Supplies: Doodlebug paper, and a ridiculous amount of stash! 

Next time I'll try throwing some sequins in as well & see if it helps!

Can you see clearly now the rain is gone? Check out what we made!



Leslie Hanna said...

Ack! Ear worm! And yeah, the old confetti stuff was never made to live under acetate. I think it's more for scattering over a tablecloth. Nice try, though!

Barbara Godden said...

Ah that's why my snowflakes didn't shake when I used them. Yes I sing the theme everytime I see it. Anyway awesome card I love it.

Chris Dring said...

Yep. Been there, done that. (static-y confetti, that is) I even go over the back panel AND the acetate with my anti-static bag, but those little buggers STILL stick! This card, though, is all kinds of Halloween shaker card goodness! I love it!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oooh Jessi...such a super fun card...such unique shaker elements I can spy
Dr Sonia

lostinpaper said...

Great fun shaky things inside, love it Jessi!

Lindsey said...

I need a new ear worm... I've had the same one stuck for a couple of weeks now. On the other hand, I don't want yours replacing it. :D
This is so much fun! The confetti is perfect, even if it is a staticky pain.

lauren bergold said...

love, love, loveeeeee your super fun halloween shaker card! ♥

fairyrocks said...

You are so Clever. this is the BOOOOMB! Keep smiling and creating

Donna said...

Can you make a video tutorial for your shaker card challenged friends (ME!!!)
Thanks for the earworm...I knew someone would go there...glad it was you and not me, I've been singing it for a week now LOL