Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Supplies: paper from American Crafts "Abode;"
Happy Happy stamp from Daisy Bucket;
stamped with Versamark & adirondack butterscotch ink and embossed with clear EP;
labels 4 nestabilities;
flowers quilled by me;
yellow rhinestones from the $store

I was in the middle of making baby cards, and I wanted to do a yellow polka-dotted one...and this sentiment just seemed to fit. It seems to me that the finished card would be perfect for a lot of me seeing my family TOMORROW!!!! Yippee~!

I think I already mentioned this, but I've been uploading photos like crazy so I can still post while I'm gone. I'm mostly packed, I picked up my travel sharps container and Splenda packets - since I usually carry a little baggie in my purse, and I'm pretty sure they don't like you to bring bags of white powder on the if I feel especially kind, I'll even clean the bathroom before I go. Mind you, I guess it would just be kind to me, since if I don't it won't get done while I'm gone either. Three guys, uncleaned bathroom for 11 days....mmmm....yeah, I think I'll be finding some time to squeeze that in.

And, happy birthday to my littlest man Riley, who turns 11 tonight at 7:23 pm. I tried to convince him that his birthday doesn't really start until then, but he wouldn't buy it. I guess we've spent too much time already trying to convince him that it's cancelled altogether. Really, if you can't torture your children, why have them at all? lol



Emily Keaton said...

You had me rolling on the floor laughing with your last comment, Jessi!!!!!

I've been in a yellow mood the past few days, too! So sunny and cheery. What a great card. :)

Have a SUPER time away. Eleven days?? Yay for you!! Have a great time--go get yourself recharged. :D

Charity said...

The card is beautiful; love the sentiment. Enjoy your trip.