Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paper Embroidery

Supplies: embroidery pattern from Andrea Zuill;
paper piercer & black embroidery floss;
orange paper from Basic Grey "Indian Summer;"
corner rounder; plain black cardstock
When I embroider on paper, I send the decorative paper through the printer upside down, and print on "fast print" so the ink is lighter. That way the template for stitching doesn't slip while I'm piercing all the tiny holes. I do seem to prefer to stitch monochromatically (is that a word?) since whenever I start to mix colours it just doesn't seem to look right to me.

Happy Easter everyone :) It's the first Easter I've spent with my mom, sister (and I love her!), and my gramma in probably 10 years at least, but it's the first I've spent away from all my boys, and so it's bittersweet. It is getting close to time to go home again, and that's probably a good thing. I'm not homesick yet, exactly, but I do miss everyone. I'm not so homesick that I think I want to be there for the eating of all that chocolate and  candy, though. I hope that's all consumed before I get back! The kids tend to be possessed by Mexican jumping beans at holidays anyhow...much more fun to watch from a distance :)


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Emily Leiphart said...

Hi Jessi, I love your embroidered card! It looks like a lot of work but so worth it! I hope you're enjoying your time away. I know you miss your family but enjoy it while you can! You'll be home soon enough. :)